World of Warcraft from a Wannabe MultiRole Druid

2b or not 2b…

in a new guild with my old guildmates. Ok, you don’t know me very well, or at all really, so you’ll have to take my word for it – drama follows me everywhere. I subsist on drama. If it wasn’t in my life, I’d have to create it. Oh wait! That’s what I do!

Recently, before the kernel panic, I abruptly left the guild I’d been leveling my main with since the teens. I was looking for a guild that ran instances. That was it. Loved my guildies but they weren’t about getting to endgame content. When I got the chance to join a friendly raiding guild, I jumped. Without any preamble, which was a mistake. Silly me thought that it wasn’t a big deal, especially since my level 42 shammy was also in the guild, I’d get to see everyone anyway.

Whoops! I quit the guild and all my sensible reasons didn”t amount to worm spit. Folks were angry with me and when I tried to talk to them and explain – I got shunned. It felt terrible, I stopped playing for a couple of weeks. When I did log on again, it was with a lot of trepidation and then…kernel panic. Karma is a bitch.

Last night I saw my old guild leader was on and I sent him a tell. He responded and we ended up talking and he even came to my side of town and helped me with a quest. Turns out that he took my departure seriously and merged the top members of our old guild with a new guild. He says they’re into pvp (play a lot of battlegrounds), that they run instances as well and would I like to join?

So that’s my quandry. Do I hook back up with most of my old guildies who I’ve enjoyed playing with for over a year or do I keep courting the new guild and know that I’ll be raiding soon?


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