World of Warcraft from a Wannabe MultiRole Druid

dumping aggro

Just bumped into a wonderful blog Natural Perfection and was reading an informative disussion about Tranquility (one of my fav heals.)

The article started with a statement that druids, outside of trinkets, don’t have an aggro dump. I thought, wait a minute, yea we do, it just sucks and is time consuming to get to. I mean, think about it, how many times have you jumped into cat to cower? I’ve done it a few times actually. Often enough when not tanking that I should make a macro for it cause while it dumps only a small amount (will check out how much when realms back up) it’s been enough to get me off the top of the aggro list so I could stop taking hits.

What really got me excited though was the idea that with the 2.3 patch’s use of /cancelform, jumping into cat to cower might become alot quicker to do and therefore, of some practical value. Maybe it just appeals to my enjoyment of shapeshifting. I’m definitely one of those druids who like to play multi-role. Being able to respond to the situation, improvising is what I like to do. Makes sense seeing how in RL I’m an actor at heart/soul and various other body parts.

…and, oh yeah, Tranquility! I LOVE that spell! I’ve got more than a few stories of it saving a wipe. There’s nothing sweeter. Actually, there is but…nothing sweeter in WOW ;p


5 Responses to “dumping aggro”

  1. you probably already know this about your favorite spell but, if you apply barkskin traq lasts 1second longer and isn’t interrupted by dmg it could still be canceled by say… kick or something tho… I’ve finally found another WoW blogger i’m so adding this to my blogroll

  2. yea, barkskin. the spell that lets you keep on keepin’ on. i use that bad boy all the time. one of the reasons we can be hard to kill.

  3. i am not knowing any of this but i miss you from your nydramamama days. maybe i’ll be learning something. formerly snakehairedgirl 🙂

  4. snakehairedgirl! miss u2! what a hoot, will come visit.

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