World of Warcraft from a Wannabe MultiRole Druid

i want what i want

and that is to play it all. I know, I know, I can’t but it’s nice to see it happening anyway. If I really want to give this blog a focus I could make it about trying to play as a multi-role druid. Actually, the more I think about it the better I like it. It IS the way I love to play and I’ve been tanking because 1) how else can u learn to play feral? 2) helps to offtank if u know how to mt 3) the gear choices of multi are so much more limited.

Hmmmm. Gonna have to think about this.

I had been tinkering with the idea of playing resto for a while and checking out ToL. (I’m a druid, got to at least have shifted into each form once ;p ) I spec’d Boomkin for a while and pewpew was fun (although I like it better from space ships) but the form didn’t appeal to me so I went to check out feral.

Learning to play my kitty and bear has been/continues to be an ongoing learning process that I enjoy as much as playing. Bear tanking, and I mean solid, reliable, “all that aggros mine!” bear tanking, is an art I continue to work toward.

Right along with it is the art of healing which I enjoy. There’s something satisfying about keeping an ally alive so they can pound the sh*t outta somebody or something.

My original idea was to go ahead and play/learn ToL for awhile. Problem is, most all my gear from Outlands is feral. I might try the ah tho. It’s not that making money from herbs and alchemy is hard, cause it aint ;p just time consuming.

I also think it’s easier for me to heal a run that I’m not familiar with than it is for me to tank it. I like knowing what I’m gonna be doing as a bear. If the group’s looking to me to lead and I’ve never been there, yuck. No thanks. With the small amount of time I’ve been getting to play recently, I’m much more likely to say “yea, I’ll heal” then “sure, I’ll tank.”

That’s the crux of the problem with multi – getting in a group. Unless I’m the one forming the group, then I’m not likely to see anyone “looking for offtank.” Oo, there’s how to solve that problem – form my own groups. Don’t pug but hook up with friends, gmates.

I think I’m purring


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