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Death by Battleground

November 26, 2007

Sometimes when I’m perusing a blog I’ll click for the entire post but just as often I don’t. I tend to browse unless I spot something I’m really interested in. My guess is most of us read blogs that way and it meets our needs. However, it does cause me to miss out on what […]

Life at 70

November 25, 2007

I was determined, I was dedicated, I was insanely focused on my goal and dagdabit! I AM 70! It took forever with so little time to play but I put in the hours friday and saturday and at about 2am this morning i went DING! =D So here I sit, 70 and all and it […]

jaw hanging open / flies buzzing in

November 18, 2007

i’m still abashed, agog, flat on my ass in disbelief. girl meets wow has rocked my world! just found out i can change my bags without emptying them!

old and ugly

November 18, 2007

yeah, that’s right. that’s the word out on the street. at first i was a bit offended, got huffy and everything…no, really. ok, no, not really ;p but i did think it cause for posting. first off kestrel, an amazing blogger btw, welcomed me to the aarp-eligible club. actually, i enjoyed that. sometimes it feels […]

The Road to 70

November 16, 2007

Ok, this one’s for FealHeal who came looking for some posts around here these past few weeks to no avail. Sorry bout that Gizz. As for me, finally got to 69! (Sorry, had to say it.) So I’m feeling alittle better about reaching 70 sometime before the century is up. Playtime has still been limited […]

MultiRole How?

November 1, 2007

It occurred to me today as I was sitting at the local TreeHouse with my dog (k, it’s my kid’s dog but who does it spend all it’s time with? yea, moi,) it came to me like a sweet scent on the breeze – the way to play multirole more is to offer to off-tank […]