World of Warcraft from a Wannabe MultiRole Druid

MultiRole How?

It occurred to me today as I was sitting at the local TreeHouse with my dog (k, it’s my kid’s dog but who does it spend all it’s time with? yea, moi,) it came to me like a sweet scent on the breeze – the way to play multirole more is to offer to off-tank every chance I get.

As far as I can figure, most 5 mans don’t feel it’s necessary to bring along an off-tank. “The tank should be able to hold aggro.” Yea, sure, except for the times when someone else takes it or the event is geared so that aggro randomly switches, etc.

When was the last time you pug’d without having a mob get aggro’d by some squishy? Wouldn’t you want me playing offtank and dealing dps until I noticed a mob pealing away to attack our healer? Goddess forbid the tank actually dies, wouldn’t you prefer that I already had a decent amount of that targets threat so that I could jump in and tank?

I just don’t see how so many people can think that an off tank isn’t necessary. Maybe not for a group that’s used to playing together but for a pug…bring me baby! I can save your butt, it’s what I like to do. I promise I’ll dps with the best of them til it’s time to taunt that badboy off your ‘oh so squishy ass’.

Better yet, I’ll keep an eye on the healer’s health and anyone else who isn’t the main tank. If health gets too low, oh look, I’m healing. Then, I promise, I’ll dutifully go back to scratchin the bjesus out of something.


3 Responses to “MultiRole How?”

  1. You are so right. The druid’s main role is that of his spec but if you’re in kitty gear and the tank seems to be oblivious to a Rogue slicing the healer in Shadow Labs or something you better be switching to bear. It is also a good idea for a druid to carry around a hybrid armor set that doesn’t sacrifice all your mana for another 100atk pwr in angry sealion form lol.

  2. I’m still trying to pull together a good multi set. That’s just another reason to run those Outland dungeons, so much good gear.

    And when ARE those hybrid bags coming into the game? If only…I have so much gear between what I carry and whats in the bank. I would go through ALOT to get a great multi set. I’ve seen some stuff that’s got me hopeful, will pull it together in a post. (It’ll get me to learn to link on wp ;p)

  3. What is up its been a while since your last post!

    keep adding the new content šŸ™‚ i enjoy reading

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