World of Warcraft from a Wannabe MultiRole Druid

old and ugly

yeah, that’s right. that’s the word out on the street. at first i was a bit offended, got huffy and everything…no, really. ok, no, not really ;p but i did think it cause for posting.

first off kestrel, an amazing blogger btw, welcomed me to the aarp-eligible club. actually, i enjoyed that. sometimes it feels a bit lonely being the only one around who remembers what REALLY happened in the 60s; who was online with a commodore 64/128 when advertising wasn’t allowed on the internet; who remembers when aol bought quantum link and case asked us what we wanted in an isp; who watched spiderman 3 and remembered when the actor playing peter parker’s uncle ben was a big star (can you name him?) yeah, it’s lonely sometimes. the kids look at me and wonder what’s up with that ole lady.

record setting straightness – 51 aint old children, it just aint young ;p fact is, i’ve been playing computer games since before alot of wow players were born. who says that i’m suppose to stop because of age. frak that! my guess is it’ll help keep my neurons firing as i do get old. and as for reflexes, i’m not convinced that my hands arent as quick as anyone elses. i play spit with the kids in my dorm and sorry, all ye still in diapers, i’m the champ around here. the twelve year olds won’t even play me, cause they get pwn’d ;p

as for ugly…well, i spent alot of time finding that bovine on the sidebar and to be fair leafy didn’t actually say it was ugly, she said it was scary which i’m translating to ugly cause it looks better in the title =p

i’m kinda pleased that the image of warmama causes some discomfort. FOR THE HORDE! we’re supposed to be mean and green. one of my daughter’s friends who began playing wow around the same time we did used to comment about how intimidating the horde were. intimidating…yeah, i like that. we’re bigger, uglier, look like we’ll kick your ass and then maybe munch on it. i tried rolling an alliance alt once, it didn’t really work out between us. to tell you the truth, she was just too…pretty. it was hard to take her seriously as she swayed her butt in that ‘girlie’ run (that i’ve been fighting against since i was a girl.) she was also too…pale. really, blizzard, is there any sense that a portion of your player base aren’t male caucasians?

/sticking out tongue with a wink


5 Responses to “old and ugly”

  1. I think you have me confused with BRK, Ego, or Ratshag…but thanks for the nod. 🙂

    Great post, btw!

  2. See, the memory is the first thing to go. Then the knees…or is it the abs? For a woman the legs go last (thank the goddess.) My memory, however, is shiny. I am on your blogroll, under druid…really…

  3. I meant the “amazing blogger” part. 😀

  4. Psh, it’s awesome that you’re a GamingMom, imo! Don’t let the haters get you down! >=)

  5. Thanks Pai, Don’t think any haters have been around here, tho. Mostly I feel a bit different every now and then. Everyone I’ve met in-game and out have been pretty supportive, which is good, cause otherwise they’d have to deal with me being (b)witchy. Not a pretty picture.

    Oh yea /big bear hug for your comment on ‘WoW MoM’ =)

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