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Death by Battleground

Sometimes when I’m perusing a blog I’ll click for the entire post but just as often I don’t. I tend to browse unless I spot something I’m really interested in. My guess is most of us read blogs that way and it meets our needs. However, it does cause me to miss out on what people say in the comments unless I’m reading the entire post.

So today, I’m gonna do you a flavor and post something that was left on the comments in this blog in a post about (among other things) playing the bgs pre70. When I first read it I thought, “Damn, this guy is good. This is a post in and of itself!” or something to that effect ;p

Goeben, mon, you good. When you gonna start blogging? If you want, you’re welcome to use this site. Guest blog or comment at your leisure. I’ve got a name for it and everything! How ’bout – The Goeben Commentaries. Like it?

The rest of you…Enjoy!

BGs at any level involve ugly deaths, and it the only time it makes a big difference is when you are at the low end (21, 31, etc.) I have much more fun in BGs now that I have accepted that ugly deaths are part of the territory. You won’t notice much difference between 69 and 70, except for the few 70’s with really exceptional gear. Either way, you will die a lot when your team does poorly, and much less frequently when your team does well.

The fact is, you will rarely be in a one-on-one battle where it’s you, your gear, and your skill against one other player. That’s a duel, and it rarely happens in BGs. More often it’s 3-on-1 or 5-on-1, which usually means a very quick death for the 1.

Where BGs are really fun is when it’s 3-on-2 or 4-on-4. If you BG with a group of friends/guildies or happen to get a PuG BG with a few good players, these little battles can be really fun. The key is to work together to maximize your mini-group’s skills. Taking a Lone Ranger killing machine attitude into a BG only leads to frustration, because no matter how good you are, 2 or 3 mediocre players working together can take you down.

My advice, especially for those who are relatively new to BGs is either go with friends or find a likely person or group to tag along with. Concentrate on staying with them and helping them, rather than worrying about the BG objectives. If you pick someone randomly and they don’t seem to know what to do or where to go, find someone else. Don’t go chasing after the first enemy you see; stick with your buddy and watch their back. There is nothing so satisfying as realizing that a rogue is trying to stunlock one of your teammates, and landing a big pounce or big heal just in time to ruin that rogue’s day.


2 Responses to “Death by Battleground”

  1. Big grats on 70!

  2. Thanks! Sooooo happy, been doin’ The Tauren Stomp since early Monday morning =D

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