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December 22, 2007

gotta give a quick shout out to ringo and paul for getting me an early xmas present. the popup links that snap.com provides on this site now are big enough to see! i’m a happy blogger. thanks, guys! well, well done. Advertisements

the island life

December 22, 2007

taking my mom and kid to an island on the gulf of mexico for a little rest n relax. we’re on the road right now in nueva york and expect to touch down on monday. problem is my computer still doesn’t have a new airport card so i’m not sure that i’ll be able to […]

Getting Under My Fur

December 17, 2007

Almost everyday now I keep getting the feeling that I’m being set-up…by WordPress. Cause here’s the thing, I’ve blogged before. (Gawd, that sounds like a confession!) The point being – I’ve spent an inordinate amount of time learning html, css, I can muck around with layout until I get it the way I like it. […]

Gotta Guild!

December 17, 2007

It was indeed a ‘Happy Winter’s Veil’ for me today. I was back to Area 52 to repair my armor and waiting for a group to tackle the next Netherwing quest when I got a tell from an ex-guildie friend. Hadn’t seen her in forever. She says hello, what’s up, what u doin? you looking […]

What I Do For Love

December 15, 2007

Dragon Love that is. I’ve been having a great time working on my ‘I Gotta Get a Drake’ quest thing with the Netherwing. Is it just me or is/did anyone else really love feeding those dragons when working toward neutral? Soooo hungry, soooo purty =) Last night I spent some time finishing gathering all those […]


December 11, 2007

MOOms…it’s a Tauren word… It often feels alittle weird being a MoM, playing WoW. Kinda upside down aint it? Aren’t I supposed to be chasing my kid off the computer, worrying about whether she’s spending enough time off-line, being concerned about what appears to be an inordinate amount of time spent in-game? Because adults, especially […]

Casually Gearing Up

December 8, 2007

Until winter break comes, I don’t have a lot of time to play. Running instances late at night is a possibility but usually by the evening I’m too pooped to pop into a run. What’s a gear mama to do? Quest baby! That’s the solution I’ve come up with. With research and frequent check ins […]

what, i say, what is that?!

December 6, 2007

i’ve been encouraged to spice things up around here with more photos. rightly so. maybe i’m just into visuals but i do like ’em. when i scroll down other blogs and don’t see any pictures i get alittle disappointed (unless i’m there for the incredibly well thought out, researched analysis but, as you may have […]

still testing

December 5, 2007

So finally figured out that I can’t do the cool, i want that, mouseover, instant pic info thing cause this is a wordpress blog hosted by said wp and therefore, for security reasons, I can’t access the template. Hence, no instant pic mouseover info thingy. While searching for a workaround I belatedly realized that WordPress […]

ToDo List

December 2, 2007

My initial “Now That I’m 70” plans include the following: 1) Gear Up! I’ve got a shopping list that includes items that I can buy, can quest for or can get via a drop. I want to show ’em to ya but I’m struggling to find a way to use the mouseover effect without having […]