World of Warcraft from a Wannabe MultiRole Druid

ToDo List

My initial “Now That I’m 70” plans include the following:

1) Gear Up! I’ve got a shopping list that includes items that I can buy, can quest for or can get via a drop. I want to show ’em to ya but I’m struggling to find a way to use the mouseover effect without having bought the Upgrade for WordPress. Don’t think I can do it tho, might just post pictures. Soon come.

2) I’m going to start the Kara Attunement questline and focus on running more 5-mans for gear and experience. Also for fun! I’ve reconnected with the folks at Fossils of War, the guild I’d like to join, so hopefully I’ll be able to get through some dungeons with them. Puging with soon-may-be-friends is fine with me.

3) Work on rep with Cenarian Expedition. I want to make the Clefthoof set and, eventually, get the EarthWarden!


3 Responses to “ToDo List”

  1. As long as you can edit your template, it’s as easy as add a single line in the template’s HTML… Check Powered by Wowhead

  2. Hey, Someone, thanks for stopping by. That was exactly what I was trying to use but as far as I can tell WordPress won’t let me add a script unless I upgrade. That’s what gives template access. Arg…I’m tempted to head back to Blogger.

  3. hmmm…it’s worse than that. upgrade let’s me edit css, i’d have to have it hosted somewhere else. grrrrr…not looking to spend $ on this. i wonder if i can add to the mouseover preview somehow…

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