World of Warcraft from a Wannabe MultiRole Druid

still testing

So finally figured out that I can’t do the cool, i want that, mouseover, instant pic info thing cause this is a wordpress blog hosted by said wp and therefore, for security reasons, I can’t access the template. Hence, no instant pic mouseover info thingy.

While searching for a workaround I belatedly realized that WordPress has attempted to give me what I want by using Snapshot. It’s what brings up the preview popup when you mouseover.

Can it be? Is it possible that this will show you, the ‘don’t have time to keep clickin’ around’ reader what I want to show you? Mainly my gear! Cause if you ain’t figured it out by now, I’m a bit of a gear…oh, what’s a polite way to put it…whore ;p

Anywho, here my test. I want to show you the gear I’m going after and get your opinion. Let’s try one – Clensed Fel Pauldrons. Whaddya think?

Edit 1/3/08

Since I originally wrote this post snap.com made some wonderful changes to how it displays gear links. Changes that have made me an extremely happy bovine! It was kinda like an early Christmas present that was exactly what I wanted =)


10 Responses to “still testing”

  1. Doesn’t show here at this time. I remember a post somewhere about doing it in WP. If I can find it, I’ll re-comment here…

  2. Check this post. It doesn’t use Wowhead but Alla or Thott or a few others instead, but the IDs are the same so even if you lookup on WoW, just use that ID number.


  3. I think it sucks that work blocks WoWHead (and Allakhazam and Thottbot), so I can’t tell–but I think it’s not quite there yet, as Someone pointed out. (Usually, if the mouseover is working, I get a weird text effect, but nada here. Yet. Keep on pluggin’!)

  4. Hey baila this doesn’t have to do with the popup windows but you should post some pics of your druid and be more visually stimulating. Its fun i post pics a lot.

  5. @Someone – I’ve been looking at ItemStats but still need access to template for it 😦 At some point I think I’ll just have to host if I want to do this. Appreciate the help tho, thanks!

    @ Kestrel – Yea, it’s not there, not big enough. Plugging on… =)

    @Smith – I sooooo agree! I was thinking about this the other day and just keep putting it off for some reason. Soon come tho, thank for the nudge!

  6. Hey, Warmomma,

    Glad you like Snap Shots, but I gotta tell ya that the best is yet to come. In the next few weeks, we are going to rock your world.

  7. Will look in on it Paul. Personally, I’d love the ability to choose what gets shown but hey, we all want what we want. Good luck with it.

  8. So, what do you think about the WoW Shot? BTW try click-dragging the top bar of the popup. It works with links to items on wowhead, wowarmory, thottbot, allakhazam and goblinworkshop or you can create a “markup” shot without a link like this Ashbringer

  9. Sorry it deleted the html tags in my previous post. Put a span around the name of a WoW item with class=”Snap_Shot_Wow”

  10. wOOt! nice, that was exactly what i wanted. but i don’t know what to get you for xmas!

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