World of Warcraft from a Wannabe MultiRole Druid


MOOms…it’s a Tauren word…

It often feels alittle weird being a MoM, playing WoW. Kinda upside down aint it? Aren’t I supposed to be chasing my kid off the computer, worrying about whether she’s spending enough time off-line, being concerned about what appears to be an inordinate amount of time spent in-game? Because adults, especially us older, AARP-eligible ones ;p, aren’t supposed to be PLAYING. (Society seems to thinks we’re supposed to be working or at the very least, DYING.)

OK, I’m gonna time-trip with you. I’m in high school, visiting prospective colleges in Boston and I’m staying in a dorm at MIT. LOL, no I’m not applying there, just sleeping ;p Guy there takes me over to an exhibit one of his classes has out – Pong, which had been around for a year or more and another game, a miss the asteriods game (not the mobile ship, ain’t this a fun game “Asteroids.”) Actually, I think it may have been the first stand-up video arcade game. We stood around playing that game for at least an hour.

It had two static fields of dots (asteroids) that flowed from each side of the screen. Two-players at a time, use the joystick control to manuever their craft from the bottom of the screen straight up to the top. High score wins. It was simple, fun and part of the beginning. (Thanks Grandma, can we get on with the post now? ;p)

Oooo. I can go back further than that. Does anyone remember the Baseball game that had the pitch come from under a flap and you’d press a button to swing the bat. The ball would travel up ramps (hopefully) and score runs? Many an hour was wasted spent playing this after school at the bus depot. Not video but kinda arcade fun. Also played the one with the rifle that actually used normal sites for that weapon. (Hey, its America, isn’t everyone supposed to know how to shoot?)

I guess my question is this – at what age is the inner child suppose to grow up? My answer is NEVER! Don’t get me wrong, I take care of my adult responsibilities and, generally, I’m a mature person – when I’m supposed to be. The rest of my time is mine. I’m a playful person, it’s one of the requirements for being an actor really. I mean actors…we perform in…PLAYs ;p

The challenges I’ve got being a MoM on WoW are the same, I think, that anyone who has a relationship experiences. Dare I call it – ChildAggro? (Yea, I dare ;p) Mine is a teen but don’t let that fool you, when she wants attention it’s an immediate thing. I’ve learned to let her know before hand if I’m in group running an instance so that I don’t get hounded with little stuff. That said, if she’s upset I’m gonna go afk (that’s my baby.)

We also have our share of computer wars. You know…who gets to use the computer for how long. I’ll admit to playing the ‘I Bought It, I Own It’ card on occassion. It use to be much worse when she was playing WoW as well. In case you’re wondering, I’m the one who got my daughter playing. (Yea, Mama the gamer in the house, always have been. Played ‘Zelda’ back in the 80s.) But she hasn’t been on in forever. I was THAT close to buying another computer so we could play together but that was too much money for a non-necessity. I still like the idea tho…xmas is coming…hmmmm…

I feel like there should be a meeting somewhere that I can go to, stand up and say:

“Hi. I’m a MoM and I play WoW.”

People clap.

“Hi MoM and Welcome.”


12 Responses to “WoW MoM”

  1. Hi. I’m a grandpa, and I play WoW. Welcome to our world. (And yeah, I’m a card-carrying AARPer…I just wish I were retired!)

    (*grin* You’re never, ever going to stop reminding me of that “AARP-eligible” remark, are you?)

    For all you younger folks out there (yeah, you too, Mr Orc), WarMama and I have realized this Great Truth: You have to grow older. You don’t have to grow up.

  2. “Hi MoM and welcome!”

    Baby/Teen/Child Aggro! Having only recently leveled this high I’m just getting started learning to tank this stuff 😛

    /looks for tips.


  3. @ Ratshag – /bows

    @ Kestrel – Gramps, I’m impressed! And, yea, never, ever…cause, you know, memory starts to go and everything. ;p

    @ zujoo – LoL! I’m still taking tanking lessons on it. Will share when I can.

  4. oh yea, Kestrel, gonna turn the “grow older…don’t have to grow up” into a sig. been looking for one, thank you!

  5. You’re not so wierd, Baila. Lots of older women and moms are getting into gaming lately, it seems. ‘

    Have you ever seen Old Grandma Hardcore? She’s been playing videogames since before I was even born! =O

    Gaming Grandmas and Gaming Moms rock. >=)

  6. I agree it would be great if i could get my family hooked, they don’t know what they’re missing.

    @ Baila Sry i’ve kinda been incognito and busy at work. I hope to be blogging more soon.

  7. Not a problem Smith, I know how it is…RL. See us/Blog when you can. We’ll be here =)

  8. Baila, if that doesn’t work out for you, try these:

    Age and treachery will triumph over youth and skill.

    My goal in life is to die young…as late as possible.

  9. Oooo, choices! Hmmm…I like the ‘Age and treachery’ one alot…nope, sticking with ‘Kestrel’s Great Truth’ thanks tho.

  10. My parents are the ones that got me playing video games. This goes back to back in the very-early-80s when I was born and we had a Commodore 64. I picked up that joystick and started playing Pac-Man and Dig-Dug when I was in diapers. But I was emulating my parents… they played games on that computer all the time. We had an “Aliens” game based on the movie with this notoriously difficult maze-like level; my mom sat down with graph paper and mapped out the entire level.

    We had another game called “H.E.R.O.” which my dad and uncle used to play all the time. One day my Mom decided to show them a thing or two so when they weren’t around, she practiced it as much as she could. When she told them she could get to level 18, about twice as far as they’d ever made it, they laughed and didn’t believe her, so she proved ’em wrong. 😉

    Both my parents have stopped playing video games since then. But I haven’t forgotten their inspiration. My mom, especially, taught me about doing your best in video games and being resourceful with them. It might sound silly to her but she’s really one of my biggest inspirations today when I play video games, especially WoW as I try to work hard to become good at playing my class.

  11. Thanks for leaving such a great comment. Everyone should go and read the post you wrote on this called All in the Family.

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