World of Warcraft from a Wannabe MultiRole Druid

What I Do For Love

Dragon Love that is. I’ve been having a great time working on my ‘I Gotta Get a Drake’ quest thing with the Netherwing. Is it just me or is/did anyone else really love feeding those dragons when working toward neutral? Soooo hungry, soooo purty =)

Last night I spent some time finishing gathering all those crystals from Netherwing Ledge. Dam! How many times did I die? Cause of death: yet another patrol that wasn’t anywhere near me when I started killing peons! I got good at killing and looking tho and by the time I needed four more to finish I wasn’t dying anymore.

Now Neltharaku is dragon to die for!


Not the best shot of him, I know, but I was multi-tasking thank you: trying to get into the correct position so I could talk with him; stay away from the elite dragons that circle below him; and take a decent picture of him. So…composition not really to your liking, eat me…if you can catch me ;p

The next step in the chain involved freeing a bunch of enslaved netherdrakes. Uh, sorry if this is corny, but…still having FUN! wOOt! I stayed outside the entrance of Dragonmaw Fortress and tried to free 3 dragons that were out there and separate from bigger groups. Freed two, died once, by the time I ran back, killed the third and tried some on the other side of the road, (aggro difficult over there) the first two had re-spawned. 5 fed and freed dragons, 1 happy mama.

So now it’s time to free the dragon-mate-in-distress, Karynaku. It’s easy enough but the quest it begins spawns a 72-elite baddy that I need a group for. Hopefully I’ll be able to find said group for it sooner than later so I can keep on keepin’ on. Cause I wants a dragon! No, really…I do.


6 Responses to “What I Do For Love”

  1. You’re a druid! Remember that and you don’t need to die! πŸ™‚

    Dire Bear, Frenzied Regeneration, Healing, heck, even switching to travel form and JUMPING off some ledge: flight form is instant, remember? So the moment you’re too far away (falling) and you get out of combat, you can instantly pop flight form and get back! Just try not to jump into another rock or you may reach it before being OOC! πŸ™‚

    This is just me, but all those “flying mounts”, no matter how cute/pretty/etc, are certainly less useful than the instant cast flight form we druids have (my main’s a druid, but only with “normal” flight form so far!)

  2. LoL, NOW you remind me! Ya know, I considered jumping but thought that I wouldn’t be able to switch to flight form cause I’d remain in combat. Forgot that I’d eventually be out of range. /smack palm to forehead (ASL for Stupid.)

    Love my bird and leopard. Love that I can’t be knocked out of em and instant is about as sweet as it gets – I agree. HOWEVER, must…have…drake!

    Thanks for the reminders!

  3. I was disappointed when they removed the ‘sparkles’ from the Netherdrakes before BC was released. If you watch that old ‘Flying Mount Promo’ vid that Blizzard made, you see that in addition to being all shiny and glowy, they used to sparkle too!
    Maybe it was a sensory overload of coolness, so they had to change it. =P

    If I ever get around to actually earning 5k, I will probably get a sharkdragon of my own. I also want the Hippogryph from Cenarian Expedition. =)

  4. Ooooo…sparkles. I woulda liked that.

  5. Druid epic flight form for the win! Dragon cause they be ‘cool’ and all, but the Druid quest chain for Epic flight and instant cast to fly while others are still getting their mounts out is just to much fun.

  6. Hey sepeck! Ya know, I’ve never really given much thot to getting my epic cause I’ve been so happy with the standard one. It helped to hear that the quest chain for it is fun! Somehow, I’ve never heard anyone mention that. Coupled with instant cast (yea, I KNOW that’s sWeeT) I’m gonna have to put it on my list. Thanks!

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