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Getting Under My Fur

Almost everyday now I keep getting the feeling that I’m being set-up…by WordPress. Cause here’s the thing, I’ve blogged before. (Gawd, that sounds like a confession!) The point being – I’ve spent an inordinate amount of time learning html, css, I can muck around with layout until I get it the way I like it. And as much as I like WordPress (not being able to run the ‘cool link to gear popup thingy’ script aside ;p) it bothers me that the font is so small on this site…that the color for links is gray…that I can’t change the header for this theme…

Everyday I wanna go and get the stupid upgrade that only lets me change the css but I figure then I can at least fix the font and colors and it hits me again…I’m being set up! The reason all that crap looks that way is so that I and others like me will go pay for something that is otherwise ‘free.’

It’s pissing me off. If it was a critter, I’d kill it.


9 Responses to “Getting Under My Fur”

  1. That’s one reason I’m sticking with Blogger: I don’t like this “semi-blackmail” thing of “you need to do basic stuff, you pay more…” that WP uses…

  2. Blackmail? Like in, WoW Trial accounts are blackmail based on the same logic?
    Standard features: free. Premium features: pay-to-use. About 90% of web services work that way, and nobody every considers this blackmail.

    And if it weren’t enough, you get the whole fully featured platform available for download, open source, to run and host however you please.

    There are many reasons to select a blogging platform, but resorting to this kind of arguments is totally off-base, sorry. There’s enough religion wars going on in IT as is, blogger is a great platform, and there’s absolutely no need to start a blogger vs world war, especially not with arguments like these.

  3. I didnt even know that about WordPress…


    Sadistic corporations!!!

    That’s why I roam the little life of blogger, aye its limited…but I can edit it how I please ^_^

  4. @ Someone – Thought Blogger does it too. Don’t you have to pay more to make your own header?

    @ Gwaendar – Huh? Wtf are you talking about? Where are we talking about a blogger vs world war? What “arguments like these?” LoL! Methinks u mistook. Ranting about manipulation, pissed I can’t have my way w/o paying extra for it, that’s about it. Blackmail? Mostly white males from the looks of it. Although if you’d like to get into an argument about blogger vs the world there is one going on somewhere. Can’t recall who tho…it was over how comments work…gah! I’ll post it when I remember.

    @ Caiti – See that! NOW who’se being sadistic! ;p Damn…maybe I should get Blogger.

  5. The optimal solution is to self-host your blog. Of course, that means buying a domain name (cheap) and setting up with a webhost (not quite as cheap). Once that’s done, though–you can do whatever you like with just about any WP theme available (almost all are under the Gnu Public License).

    I have another thought; let me find your email address…

  6. I probably should have prefaced my previous comment with @Someone if I were smart.

  7. @ Gwaendar – Nah, I knew you were responding to what he said. No worries. Oooo. New design on your site? Gonna go see.

  8. It’s just a fact of blogging life that the more you want to do with a platform, the more you have to pay, in either time, expertise or good ol’ cash. (My working life is based around blogging, incidentally.)

    I use a paid for platform for leafshine.net, because I know I can rely on the support and use as many cool widgets as I want (uh…eventually…), but it’s all horses for courses.

  9. @Leafshine – sigh…yea, I know, I just don’t want to cough up the fee, even though it’s not really much. You’ve got me laughing remembering how much time I put into setting up my first blog. Gawd, I think I spent 2 full days doing nothing but…and loving it.

    Thanks, btw, for posting about me and then going away! A ton of people came here cause I was on your front page forever. =)

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