World of Warcraft from a Wannabe MultiRole Druid

Gotta Guild!

It was indeed a ‘Happy Winter’s Veil’ for me today. I was back to Area 52 to repair my armor and waiting for a group to tackle the next Netherwing quest when I got a tell from an ex-guildie friend. Hadn’t seen her in forever. She says hello, what’s up, what u doin? you looking for a guild? She then goes on to describe that it’s a casual guild that’s into pvp and raiding. They’ve just started Kara, raided Ironforge the other night and took the train home, a couple of my favorite people from my old guild are in it…Right then and there I told her to sign me up.

Here’s the thing. I’m sick of being single (talking WoW people, calm down ;p) Running around all the time without friends sucks. Maybe I’m just a social person, but it was beginning to wear on me. The guild that I’d been courting seemed to be a great group of people but the process of hooking up with them was a bit arduous and I didn’t KNOW any of ’em. They weren’t friends, more like potential friends. So the sudden appearance of some old friends was refreshing.

Added to that, they’re where I am in terms of progression. AND…they didn’t ask me to respec from feral inorder to heal. I’m likin’ it.

So! As much as I’m hot for my Netherdrake, it’s now taken a back seat to getting attuned for Kara.

wOOt! I’m off to Kara to pick up the first two quests and ‘hot diggity dam’ I got me guildies back!


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