World of Warcraft from a Wannabe MultiRole Druid

A Late Winter’s Veil

I can’t tell, either I’m a grown-up kid or just plain greedy. Hmmm, maybe both ;p Cause I just got to open my presents under the tree in Org and I teehee’d and giggled, my eyes got big and, I swear, I went, “Ooooo.”

This was my favorite present.


Ran around town with it until I logged off. It got into several fights with other bots that ended in, what else, destruction! wOOt! Interestingly, this is a non-combat pet that gets to fight. It can even get buffs. Hey, you don’t believe me, go read the wiki link =p

Having missed out on most of the Winter Veil fun I was determined to finish at least the two quests that I had in my log. After a bit of looking, (I finally just looked in thottbot) I found the snowman for the Smokey Pastures quest.


Kinda enjoyed getting turned into a snowman myself until that Yeti behind the tree wanted to attack me and I couldn’t frakkin’ move! Shifted out and kitty tore the poor little yeti to shreds, purr…then whizzed over to Searing Gorge to free the reindeer. Anyone else keep trying to shift into flight form when not in Outlands? Cause I felt like an idiot sitting there trying to figure out why I kept getting the “You can’t do that here” error message.

So it was brisk, it was brief, but I got my Winter Veil Eggnog and Cookie, my Mechanical Greench AND my Green Helper Box. Not really sure how that works yet, but hey, the year is young! =)


6 Responses to “A Late Winter’s Veil”

  1. I love my little robot. He’s the cutest.

    As far as shifting into bird form!! OMG! I was running from the Barrens to Tanaris the other day and I almost jumped off the lift into 1000 Needles thinking I could shift into bird form as I was falling. Luckily I remembered right before I jumped that I cannot be a bird there. That would have been terrible! LOLZ.

  2. I am SO glad that someone else is forgeting besides me! Tho it would have been funny as all hell if you’d jumped =)

  3. i am a huge fan of yetis, i have a tranquil mechanical yeti and i was so glad to receive my mechanical greench. you use the helper with a snowball and it summons a tiny gnome.

  4. Ok, so I’m feeling even dumber…HOW do u use it with a snowball? God, I feel like such a noob now…

  5. you have 1 or more snowballs in your inventory and right click the little helper, as you summon any non combat pet. since winter veil is gone, you can`t buy snowballs from the vendor in IF (or ogrimmar) so you need to see if there are any at AH (probably overpriced). engeneers have a snowball machine that can create one with a 12 hours CD i think (not sure about the CD and quantity). it summons a gnome looking female, smaller than a gnome that doesn`t do anything intersting. i like my yeti and his wiggly toes 100 times more.

  6. Thanks, cause that’s what I thought but when I clicked on it with snowballs in my bags nothing happened. Or maybe it did and I didn’t see the little guy? >_< Uh oh, now I want a yeti!

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