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Gems by Wolfwarrior

I’ve always wanted to be one of those knowledgeable bloggers who can roll out the stats or give the hardcore, this is the info you need kinda posts. But that just ain’t me, sorry. Happily though, these people DO exist and they often leave tidbits in my comments which I get to share. From a comment left on Casually Gearing Up, a gem from Wolfwarrior:

“Well I hope you don’t mind the late response I’ve had a dead computer but now the sob story is over…The best gems that I’ve found personally are the Glinting Flame Spessarite (+3hit and +3agi) and both Shifting Shadow Draenite (+3agi +4stam) and Sovereign Shadow Draenite. (+3str +4stam) The gems on my server go for about anywhere from 35s (on great days) to 1g75s (the highest I’ve seen.)

I always like going for balance when it comes to gems so I stay away from the +12stam gems but if you need the stamina go for it. You can also, if you really need it, go for the +6d gems like Thick Golden Draenite. But as long as you have decent gear and SoF you really shouldn’t need the +dgems to hit uncritable. Btw, all the gems I’ve listed can be used for both kitty and bear but if you are looking for pure kitty gems I’m in love with the pure +6 agi and +6 str gems, but you could also go for Balanced Shadow Draenite which is +6ap and +4stam.

I logged out in my soso kitty gear if you want to check it out. While I’m not saying it’s the greatest set, the gems are pretty decent and other than the 3 pieces of kara gear and the LW gear the rest is pretty easy to get.”

Thanks Wolf!



7 Responses to “Gems by Wolfwarrior”

  1. If i had known you were going to repost i would have paid attention to things like caps and puncunation and even speeling 😛 but yeah i got no prob if you repost anything that i write that actually makes sense. Everything i learned i got from badgering my guilds main druid tank. Also for some weird reason Armory is showing me as inactive… sorry about that.

  2. Sorry bout that! I’ll do some clean up later today. I didn’t want to mess with how you put things in case that was the way you wanted it.

  3. nah thats cool im just really anal sometimes. But yeah if you ever think anything i comment is worth it feel free to repost

  4. Wolf, did my proofreader thing but if there’s anything you’d like me to change, whatever, let me know.

    Thanks again! =)

  5. i know im a bit late but i can’t get online much much. when i figured out that Baila did these blogs i was like my friend really needs this (he is a noob druid) i was thinking that this was the place to go if he wanted help so i just wanted to say thanks.

  6. Hey Baila if you want to know a little more about the technical side of bear tanking and a tiny amount of theorycrafting (elitistjerks hurts my head sometimes with all that math) one thread i found really helpful was from tankspot.com and it was http://www.theoryspot.com/forums/theory-articles-guides/34134-bear-me-i-want-tank-guide-druids.html plus i kinda like the idea that i can cause more than harm, panic and repair bills (when the tank says he is pulling that means it time to pay attention…..well maybe i should mention that i am about to pull 🙂 but anyway enough of my rambleing i hope the thread helps you learn a little of the theory behide being a RAWRBEAR!

  7. @Akag – Hey! Good to see you here. Long time no…oh wait…you’re sitting over there typing ;P

    @Wolf – A belated “Thanks!” for the link. I like that it’s got a lot of the information about feral tanking in one spot. I guess I should let you know that while I don’t like to speak from the technical side of being feral, I do know a bit about it. Mostly due to a tendency to over study for things. A lot.

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