World of Warcraft from a Wannabe MultiRole Druid

RolePlay Anyone?

I finally took the plunge and rolled on a RP server. I’ve been wanting to for awhile. I mean, I’m an actor…why wouldn’t I want to try this? For a couple of reasons actually. The idea of RP seems a bit…hokey?…corny?…what’s the word…I don’t know…silly? Yeah. Maybe all of it. But it also seems like it could be a fun thing to do, especially if I could get up the nerve to do it. Cause face it, talking in whatever overblown way I always envisioned RPers to speak, just didn’t appeal to me. Actor or not. Interested or not.

Then, early this week, as I was talking with someone on Wow, I said, “Ya mon.” Something I usually do cause I like Jamaican accents and the first toon I rolled was a Troll. Bingo Baby! I realized that the “overblown” lingo running through my head was probably just that, running through my head. That I could reroll a Troll, (my fav race, especially cause the men dance capoeira, sorry Ratshag) I could just speak with a Jamaican accent AND I could learn to play a hunter. The Hunter thing? Don’t ask, addicted to learning I think and there’s SO much to learn with that class. Yum.

Me with Bonar

Me be here mon, in all me glory wit the piggy Bonar.

Yeah, that name is a REALLY bad joke. And, yeah, I coulda found a cuter pig…bite me.

Anywho, that’s where I’ve been all week. Leveling and reading up on playing a hunter. As for RP? Sorry, can’t tell ya, haven’t done any yet. A few sentences here and there but not a real conversation. I think they’re shy! Go figure.


8 Responses to “RolePlay Anyone?”

  1. I’ll be very interested to see what you think of hunters. I also play on an RP realm (two of them, in fact) although I am somewhat lackadaisical about roleplaying with other people.

  2. I also play on roleplaying servers, although to be honest a lot of people who come to RP servers wanting to try roleplay, tell me that they are disappointed in the lack of roleplay going on– however, usually if you look hard enough you can find it… takes a while though sometimes!

  3. i’ve just taken one of my alts to an RP server… yet to experience any RPing going on though!

    Hope ya enjoy bein a troll mon 😉

  4. @Mania – I’m LOVING playing a hunter. I enjoy the speed at which I can decimate mobs, the fact that I’ve got to study and practice skills AND working with a pet is fun and I’ve grown quite fond of mine already…

    Still haven’t really gotten to roleplay, even though I’m on a realm that’s suppose to be good for it. Sometimes I think folks are just to busy.

    @Pike – Thanks, that encourages me a bit. Oh wait, brb…gtg.

  5. Roleplay often takes some finding, something people often have a problem at first is they never initiate any roleplay themself and expect it to come to them.

    Just have fun with it, so long as your enjoying everything then its great!

  6. Ahh…you’ve seen the (hunter) light! 😀 (Bonar? /rolls eyes)

    As for RP: back in the day (okay, MANY days…) before WoW, if you wanted to RP, you headed for a major population center. I’ve never played on an RP server (well, I got a hunter to level 5 on one, but that was because I wanted to chat with a friend; haven’t been there in over a year), so I dunno if that’s still the case in WoW.

    Good luck!

  7. Hmmm, have you gotten the FlagRSP2 or similar RP add-on? From what i can tell on my server (play on a RP server but dont RP much) these mods serve as a indication of who wants to RP, might up your rate of finding RP a bit.

  8. Hey everyone, thanks for all your comments. Sorry it’s taken me awhile to get back to ’em. Been busy at work and home, not much time to fun. Shucks.

    @Marylin – me love da troll ting AND me can dance mon! =)

    @Lienna – You are SO right. I realized that the other night as someone stood near me and I wanted to say something to them but didn’t. I’m not shy at all in RL so I was surprised at myself. Missed opportunity, nobody’s fault but mine. The fun part, yea, I’ll concentrate on that. Thanks.

    @Kes – I know, I know, REALLY bad joke but it keeps making me laugh! Thanks for the tip, makes sense. I’m so into playing my hunter that often I forget about the rp. Been practicing kiting, can’t wait for freeze trap.

    @Bovisrex – I DID get those. But I haven’t checked to see if I’m flagged. Thanks for the reminder.

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