World of Warcraft from a Wannabe MultiRole Druid

Way Too Much FUN!

It’s alittle embarassing…I’m having a great time leveling up my new rp Hunter. I can’t seem to get my tush back to my regular realm.

I had to get a new piggy. Bonar was…I hate to say it…just too damn ugly! I couldn’t keep lookin at him. I know, I was being superficial. Tough. ;p

So new piggy found and leveled. Meet Bonars. ;p


He may not be the purtiest thang in town, but he’s mine and he loves me. A reliable workaholic who can’t stand to be away from me. He is however a…well, it’s gotta be said…pig. Eats like his happiness depends on it. Has the grace, however, to eat just about anything. Oh, and one more thing I love…he’s always got my back.


2 Responses to “Way Too Much FUN!”

  1. LOL! Now that’s the funnest read I’ve had today. 🙂

    But…Bonars? *groan*

  2. I know, I know. But I felt guilty getting rid of Bonar and it was such a terrible name but it made me laugh and Bonars was a joke about Aliens and…and…my daughter made me do it!

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