World of Warcraft from a Wannabe MultiRole Druid

RolePlay for Scaredy Cats

There needs to be another race added to WoW…chickens! and yes, I’m one of ’em ;p It’s so strange being shy cause I’m not in RL. As in…not at all. But for some reason I’m incredibly hesitant to speak up in rp. Fraid I’ll say the wrong/stupid/idiotic/ridiculous thing. Most of the time, while I get the targeting together and/or figure out what I’m gonna say, the person has left. I need to work out a macro that gives a greeting I like when I type /hail or some such.

All that being said…I made my first foray and my first friend yesterday! I was helping her complete an annoying quest for a blueprint that we couldn’t find. I didn’t use my troll voice much but I did make an effort to keep in character. I wasn’t great but hey…I was doin’ it!


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