World of Warcraft from a Wannabe MultiRole Druid

Blog Tuesdays

It’s a new thing, Blog Tuesdays. Cause it makes sense, the servers are down, everyone is jones’n a bit (suffering withdrawal symptoms) cause they can’t play. Reading about it is definitely my way to sublimate. (I’m not explaining that one ;p) So I got the idea to Blog (on) Tuesdays. Inordinately pleased with it but…don’t have anything to blog about cause usually I get my ideas from playing!

Siha on the Blog Azeroth forums to the rescue! She’s suggested a “Shared Topic Thingy” and the first one is: What do you enjoy about the class you play the most? wOOt! Right on time!

Even though I’ve recently been swept away with the joy of learning to hunt, I’m still a druid at heart. Playing that kitty/bear/caster just appeals to the part of me that hates to do the same thing over and over again. Every situation has the potential to be unique when druiding. I’ve got to be ready to react and I’ve got so many options it can be daunting. That’s part of the intellectual challenge, being informed enough to make the right choice. I study a lot and that’s something else I enjoy immensely – learning. You might say I’m addicted to it. I’m always learning something new, in WoW, in RL.

I know! Jazz! That’s the word. It’s improvisation. Creating the experience and the outcome. Being on my toes and ready. I don’t think there’s any experience sweeter for me in WoW then reacting appropriately to a crisis situation and saving the wipe or someone’s tush. Performing well without a script. It appeals to the actor in me, the hyper kid in me.

Did I just say kid? Good, cause let’s not forget the biggest reason I (and 9,999,999 other people from all over the world) love playing WoW…it’s FUN! Pure, unadulturated, relatively guilt-free enjoyment. Forget all the intellectual reasons, explanations and analyses…bottom line…that sucker gives a good time!

(OMG, I know, the whole ‘Blog Tuesdays’ thing, it’s soooo late. I took the kids skiing and got back to publish this post at around 5. Hit the button, went away, came back at 10:15 and whoops, it didn’t go through. Sorry ’bout that. It’s still Tuesday though…;p)


5 Responses to “Blog Tuesdays”

  1. I agree! The best part about a druid is the “oh, now I can do this!” mentality we have. šŸ™‚

  2. I’m even later…it’s Friday, and I’m trying (desperately) to catch up (and failing miserably). BUT…I just had to pop in and say how much I enjoyed this article!

    Especially jones’n (didn’t need explaining), sublimate (I went to college) and improvisation helped me get my groove on!

    Have a great weekend, Baila!

  3. the druid become more and more popular this season ^^

  4. the druid become more and more popular this season ^_^

  5. @Bell – gawd, I love it when people agree with me!

    @Kes – Had a GREAT weekend, thanks. Rented a lodge, huge fireplace, performed in a reading at a local theatre. It was all good. #y only real question for you is…how DO you spell jones’n?

    @wowup – We’re late bloomers =)

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