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SlapDown in SLab

February 9, 2008

I really must learn to do my homework nomatter what. Just because I’m not necessarily running with my guild (did I just say pug?) doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t have done my reading. Truth is, I was just so damn happy to be back on this bruisin’ bovine AND with time to run an instance. […]

Lunar Fest Making Me Dizzy

February 8, 2008

Cause I was all set to hop into my much loved, recently rarely played druid and get back to the work of getting keyed for Kara. All set for it, actually logged in and wham! It’s another WoW festival that’s doing it’s best to distract me from the oh so important task at hand. Yea, […]

lowbie hunter info

February 5, 2008

If nothing else, Blog Tuesdays is gonna get me to sit at the keyboard once a week ;p Just got back from a weekend of low-tech and getting sick. Glad that, for once, I wasn’t sick during my day off! Took it easy at work Monday instead but no WoW. No WoW, no clue what […]

I got your QQ

February 4, 2008

OMG! I finally found out what QQ means…or doesn’t mean…or…whatever! Got the info from a WoWInsider article called The compleat WoW abbreviations. Oops…Almost ran off without telling you ;P and I quote: QQ: Doesn’t “stand for” anything per se; rather, it’s an emoticon: it looks like two crying eyes. It basically means “you’re complaining,” although […]