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lowbie hunter info

If nothing else, Blog Tuesdays is gonna get me to sit at the keyboard once a week ;p Just got back from a weekend of low-tech and getting sick. Glad that, for once, I wasn’t sick during my day off! Took it easy at work Monday instead but no WoW. No WoW, no clue what to write about, but wait…old files covered with dust (alright, its nano dust, bite me) Debris, bits of info dumped into storage. Hmmm, looking through that stuff there’s a couple of posts I said I’m do (/coughmygear.)

First off – for anyone thinking of making a hunter – GO AHEAD! Really, great fun to play. I read a lot attempting to make my first 20 levels qo by quick. Cause hey, if you’re playing a hunter, killing mobs should be quick.

One of the first stops I made was to the HunterWiki. Found Fumi’s Pet Guide there as well. Loved it cause it was/is/continues to be thorough and practical. Here’s other good reads. Check out any of the blogs from ‘A Hunting Pack’ on my sidebar for fun, informative hunter reading.

The other first stop was to BRK cause it’s like…a pilgramage thing. Learned much about playing a hunter. Saw for myself the differences between leveling with different pets. “You shouldn’t be letting anything melee you, learn to kite.” So said BRK and when he talks, this mama listens. He’s got lots of reads and vids showing you how to do huntery stuff like kite, trap…kite. I’ve been practicing for a few weeks now and I’ve gotten better but I definitely need more practice and a mouse! Can’t make the big jump and turn on the trackpad. Also I noticed that when I mess up kiting and I’m getting hit, continuing to run away is a mistake – I do what I do in an instance, run toward my tank (piggy) whose busy trying to chase the sucker down anyway, and let said piggy get aggro back. Then I move off and THWACK (bowstring sound) = baddy dying. It is incredibly quick grinding through mobs with my own tank.

Believed the BRK and got a boar to start with. Actually, I first got a kitty cause, you know, I play a kitty and I like kittys and…well, it purred! But kitty didn’t hold aggro very well. I had to really watch my threat meter and hold back a lot. Slowed things down, so I got a piggy and BAM! (omg, I’m doing sounds from the Batman TV show!) Piggy charges and builds higher threat immediately, I get to go TWACK, TWACK almost as fast as I want.

So my baby Hunter is growing up quickly, she’s 22 already and I have just entered the wonderful world of CC. Trapping is a hoot. I feel kinda spoiled. Got my own tank, can fear beasts AND freeze trap. An embarrassment of riches ;p


2 Responses to “lowbie hunter info”

  1. BRK’s l2kite video enabled me to survive and kill a lvl 20 at lvl 13 last night. I am totally in love with this class. Even though my main is a priest.

  2. swEEt! That sounds like it was fun. I don’t think I’ve killed anything with that big a difference but have noticed higher than 3 or 4 levels isnt really a problem. My kiting still needs work tho, I gotta get a mouse on this laptop!

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