World of Warcraft from a Wannabe MultiRole Druid

Lunar Fest Making Me Dizzy

Cause I was all set to hop into my much loved, recently rarely played druid and get back to the work of getting keyed for Kara. All set for it, actually logged in and wham! It’s another WoW festival that’s doing it’s best to distract me from the oh so important task at hand.


Yea, it’s all very chummy in Moonglade. Except when it isn’t but I’m not b*tching. Not too much ;P OK then, Happy Lunar Festival. Seems like I’m suppose to help kill Omen and then fly around visiting a lot of different guys, uh Elders (sheesh, can’t I just visit myself a lot,) to collect coins to buy some make-your-own-firecracker rewards (for engineers which I ain’t,) outfits and some other ‘goodies unknown,’ oh! and Siha said it was good for getting your rep up and I’d like to play, really I would but truth is, I WANT TO GEAR UP FOR KARA! Stop it with the distractions. Huntering…festivaldom…what’s next!


2 Responses to “Lunar Fest Making Me Dizzy”

  1. Hey, you could always visit me too! Of course, your rep gain would probably be negative, and no coins. 😦 Oh well…was a thought…

  2. LoL, coin isn’t everything ya know. I’d definitely prefer visiting you!

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