World of Warcraft from a Wannabe MultiRole Druid

SlapDown in SLab

I really must learn to do my homework nomatter what. Just because I’m not necessarily running with my guild (did I just say pug?) doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t have done my reading. Truth is, I was just so damn happy to be back on this bruisin’ bovine AND with time to run an instance. I wasn’t thinking straight.

Ran into ShadowLab last night without preparing for it.


Yea…OK…It wasn’t my smartest move…I know, the Scarlet Monestary it ain’t. Haven’t been tanking in a while either…in a long while and I paid the price. I was SO out of practice. Took entirely too long to get most of the rust off. I did let the party know what was goin on with me and that I’d scrape that sh… off asap. Happy to report that my fingers started heading to the right spots on the keyoard, my mind started playing WoW instead of WTF and, by and large, my game picked up.

Great. I got my act together. Unfortunately some of the other folk on the team didn’t seem to know that they had any work to do. It was kind of a mess. We only had one person who was familiar with the instance. The rest of us were clueless and showing it. I wasn’t the only one who thought so. My daughter Z was over my shoulder through most of it (only got through the first 2 bosses.) At one point when the Lock wasn’t paying attention to the damage meter he didn’t have and took aggro from me, again…

Z: What is he doing?

B: /growl He’s not watching his dm.

Z: Face it MoM, he doesn’t have one. Talk to him.

B: No way. Not after all the messing up I’ve been doing.
Who’d want to hear that from me. Let me get my own
act together.

Z: NOW what’s he doin’?! No…Stop that!..No…What’s
wrong with him? Even I know to run TO my tank!

(That’s MY baby =)

We didn’t even get to fight the 3rd boss cause as we barely survived a bad pull right before him our healer said, “We won’t be able to do it.” and left. Yea, just like that.

At first I was kinda pissed off and beligerent about the whole thing. You know, that self-righteous froth that foams up when you think you’ve been done wrong, for no good reason. Except now, having belatedly done my homework, I know he was right, we wouldn’t have lasted through much of it. Although I’d rather go down trying then just throwing in a towel that doesn’t have any blood on it. (Ewwww. Bad boxing metaphors, but you know what I mean.)

The good news from all of this is that I got my rust off. Plan on keeping it off, thank you. I found out that a lot of things I was beating myself up about during the run (how come I’m having trouble holding aggro?…besides the stupid Lock?) actually weren’t because of me but because of the mechanics of the instance. Aggro table wipes, spawning rogues mid fight…fun stuff like that.

Can’t wait to go again! Maybe today cause it’s Saturday and I already did my homework ;p


6 Responses to “SlapDown in SLab”

  1. Getting the rust off is always a problem. I found a strategy to getting it off though. if you try to do a lower level instance (By Yourself) you can get must of it off. To get the rest off though you just gotta cross your fingers and hope.

  2. Thanks Akag, that sounds like a great idea, gotta try it, cause, gotta lotta rust ;p

  3. I love Shadow Lab. I think it may be my favorite instance in the game (haven’t done ’em all, and barely know anything about Tempest Keep). But it’s one that really tests a group. (Well, so does Shattered Halls, but that place should be called Shattered Groups.)

    Why, oh WHY don’t people run threat meters in Outland instances? Sure, if you’re geared for SSC, maybe 5 people can get through SLab w/o a threat meter–but would they even want to?

    Oh…and a really good rasp can take care of a lot of that rust! 😉

  4. Man, I know exactly how you feel. Back when I was tanking on my Druid I always wondered if the DPSers weren’t out to embarass me. The best you can do is assume all strangers are liabilities and play with the expectation that they are going to try to get you killed on every pull 😀

  5. I’m suprised your daughter hasen’t broken a rib from sitting next to you while you’re trying to do a raid! With all your elboing when you’re trying to find the right key to press!

  6. omg, just noticed that I never replied to these comments. Eek! Shame, shame…as in, sorry bout that.

    @Kes – I’ll go back in there one of these days but this time with a group that knows wtf they’re doing! It was kinda fun tho even when it hurt.

    @Stevesy – That’s too depressing. What about every other pull? ;p

    @Z – You are an evil, evil child…and I love you…and you’re grounded!

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