World of Warcraft from a Wannabe MultiRole Druid

Ogri’la Lament

I’m 70, right? I’m suppose to be doing ‘dailies’ and the like. Grinding rep, running Heroics. This is the purported life of a level 70 and I plan on living it, damn it! Never you mind how ugly it may get. I’m 70 and I’m taking what’s mine!

I’m not an idiot. I know how to work a computer, write some code…google. Hell, I know where to go when I want info on…on just about anything thank you ;p

So after reading BBBs everything you need to know about the Ogri’la and Sha’tari Daily Quests I set off to Blade’s Edge (cause I had already done the first 2 qs that are in Shattrath.) Sorry, no pics, wasn’t thinking about blogging just getting to play after this unintended month-long break. Next time…and, oh yea, dailies…there will be a next time.


I kept track of Maggoc for quite awhile before lucking into a group. What made it sweet was being able to invite an old friend along who also needed to open up the Dailies over there. It was good I’d done some reading cause when an Alli group downed Maggoc right before we got there, I told everyone they could loot his head. I don’t think there are many events in WoW that let you loot when you’re not in the party or cross fraction like that. It surprised everyone. Probably the Alli’s too ;p

Started the day off healing. WHY? Oh Why to I keep letting people convince me to heal when I’m feral? It ain’t purty! But most groups end up needing/waiting for a healer so I keep saying I’ll do it…note to self, “STOP THAT” Luckily, my friends a shammy and helped cause ow…even +1K ain’t a substitute for Resto.

When one of our group left, they got replaced with a healer, wOOt, which left me to tank. Thank you very much, that IS what I’m geared for. Much much better…until that last event.

Had problems with tanking again. This time from my computer. My lag was bad all day and I checked, the rest of the group wasn’t doing it. Slow Motion Hell is one way of putting it. The end event has a lot of running after spawns that, with my lag, just meant running around. It was embarrassing. When the final boss spawned he stayed in one place so I could finally be of some use. Wtf is going on with my computer?! I hope cleaning out some space helps cause I have no intention of going through that again.

Still, becoming Queen of the Ogri’la was much fun! I strolled and danced among my subjects on the afternoon of my coronation. We spoke of many things…life…love…killing things ;p


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