World of Warcraft from a Wannabe MultiRole Druid

Finger Twitch

It’s driving me more than nuts – having the time to play but not being able to.  Vacation is going well.  MoM (mine) happy, kid (mine) happy, while I’m a frustrated WoW player.  Most of the year I’m moaning that I don’t have time to spend playing and now that I do, I can’t.

Message to self – send the computer into Apple for repair.  Get the damn Airport card replaced already! I’ve really got no one to blame but myself.  Maybe an insane work schedule but that’s my fault too.  Oh, wait…didn’t realize this was a beat-up on Baila post.  Oh joy!

Itchin to see how resto goes.  Although as I recall there isn’t much TO see.  Health bars sliding up and down, that’s about it ;p  When I first spec’d feral I remember being excited about finally getting to actually see what the inside of a dungeon looked like.  Seeing end-game content isn’t really going to happen as resto, although getting to play it will. 

I should word that differently. I could play end-game as feral, that’s not the issue, I’d just have to wait longer.  Hmmmm…waiting…not my best subject ;p 


2 Responses to “Finger Twitch”

  1. I watched a friends lvl 65 resto druid frustrate the heck out of a 70 arms/fury warrior. a 10 minute duel before the warrior finally won. Totally made me want to go resto on my druid, who is at 60.

  2. Now THAT’s encouraging. Thanks.

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