World of Warcraft from a Wannabe MultiRole Druid

Baby Steps

Started with a little one today, a wee bairn ;p A guildie wanted to run Auchenai Crypts for a trinket. I warned the group that I was a noob healer (small lie, healed before but not in recent memory!) and so some patience would be required.

Wasn’t a bad pug at all. Made up of high 60s and 2 70s. 3 Druids =D, a Lock and a Shammy. I got into the grove pretty quickly but it’s still true, can’t see a damn thing from back there. Health bars…health bars…At first I was so fixated on everyone’s health bar that I didn’t notice mine! Death by Oblivion ;p

One thing I noticed is that I need a better way to tell when a bloom needs recasting. Although people probably end up having a good sense of the timing based on the rhythm of the casting sequence. I, in the meantime, would like a BIG-ASS visual.

Gonna update some addons then head back in and see what else I can healify today.


6 Responses to “Baby Steps”

  1. I’ve heard that Dotimers is great for seeing rolling blooms.

    For healing I use grid+clique to save desktop space. I did a write up about it here:


  2. Thanks Nibuca and Grid looks amazing.

  3. i got a good adon for u its xpearl and i have been using it forever but the point is it shows the time on spells aand time left so if u get that ur gtg

  4. Your brother beat you to the punch on this one, Akag. I think he recommended xperl to me in-game about 3 months ago. I’ve been using it, happily but I’m trying to figure out a way to just have the timer for Lifebloom show somewhere on the screen. Probably simple, but I haven’t figured it out yet ;p

  5. Hi again, I just left a comment on your more recent post, but thought I’d add something.

    I, too, have suffered the “oh wait, there are FIVE health bars up there not four” death, forgetting to heal myself. Once that stage passed, there was the “out of range” and “line of sight” stages, and the “what do you mean I have to move out of the AoE?” stage. It seems like there’s always something new to learn to watch.

    You know what? That’s half the fun. Healing is a chaotic mess of running around, healing the tank, rescuing other people, prioritizing heals and conserving mana, dealing with boss special attacks… If it was easy, it’d be no fun. Judge when to pop your trinkets, know how to time your pots and innervates, toss out a battle rez in a quiet moment… And if you ever get bored, go join a lower group running something like crypts, and try to keep your HoTs ticking AND top the damage meters.

    The chaos takes a while to learn to deal with, but it is EVER so gratifying when you get it right. Over and over and over. And then you start to get those “nice heals” whispers, and somehow that’s even better than the personal achievement.

    Enjoy resto spec. I do.

  6. Now THAT was encouraging. Thanks, a lot. For the comments and your blog – I’m a fan!

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