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A Tree Sprouts in…

It’s been almost a week since I spec’d Resto. A few things have become evident since I started. Things that I’m sure are old hat to seasoned players but hey, it’s all new to me ;p

For starters, no more QQng about not being able to see. Want to get into the habit of looking around, seeing wtf is going on, anticipating. This great post from Althura’s OneHoTnelf reminded me that ‘it’s hard to see back here’ isn’t a stopping point, at least not if I want to get good.

The Healer
A good healer is critical. Gear is important (as you would expect), but awareness is even more so. There are plenty of people who can watch the group pane (or their raid frames) and cast heals on people who are dying. An easy-mode healer also needs to watch what is going on: “Sorry, you went out of range and I didn’t know which way to run” is not acceptable. Easy-mode healers can stay mobile and still heal effectively.

Read the post for ‘easy-mode’ explanation…hell, go check the site. Very nice stuff. There’s also an insanely thorough review of Shadow Labs which I’m studying so I can kick some booty…healing kicking booty wise…you know what I mean.

Speaking of vision, I’m looking into Grid as per a recommendation Nibuca left in a comment here. Excited by it but seems a bit premature for me, cause I’m not raiding yet…unless I can configure it for 5-mans. Hmmm, that’s a thought.

I’m definitely noticing that it’s tougher to upgrade my gear at this point, especially without running harder instances. Seems everyone either wants to get geared for Kara or already is. But just to do well in SLabs is gonna take some upgrade work so I’m seeing what I can make happen outside of dungeon running. The biggest glaring, gaping hole in my healing set is the Idol slot. Only have the Idol of the Wild and that does nada for me as a Tree. (Did I tell you how much I miss Mangle? I Miss Mangle! Feels wimpy without it.) Think I’ll finally finish up those Nagrand critter quests so I can get Harold’s Rejuevenating Broach. Looks like it would be sweet with Swiftmend’s use of +healing.

Also working on binding some macros. I’m on a laptop. Need to make them for one key heals, especially so I can run, (do Trees actually run, or is it a scamper, scurry, waddle, wtf is it?!) Macros for my trinkets too (otherwise I never use ’em,) hmm…what else.

Found a page in the wiki that let’s you know suggested stat requirements for raids in the BC. This made me feel pretty good about the +heal gear I’d acquired as a feral since for Curator it suggested that a resto have 1100 +healing, 70 mp/5 and 8K mana. I’m close although badly in need of some blue level stats.

All in all, after a week, I gotta say I’m enjoying myself. I’m not sure why. Is it getting to play a strong healer that I like, dancing in that funny form or trying, yet again, to figure it out and play it well? Ooo, don’t really care. I’m sprouting and it’s fun.


4 Responses to “A Tree Sprouts in…”

  1. I use grid+clique for solo, 5-mans and raids. The only problem with it I have is that I have to switch it manually to a different configuration when I move from 5/10-mans to 25-mans or 40-mans. Other than that, I use it for everything. I found it a lot more compact than any of the other options and I found it fantastically easy to configure it to show the buffs/debuffs that I cared about.

    I -highly- recommend it.

    Movie of use in a 5-man:

    Movie of use in a 10-man:

    Movie of use in a 25-man:

    Watch the mouse move over the bottom center (where grid is)(right-hand side in 25-man). You can see the heal casts start when the Quartz cast bar pops up.

    LMK if I need to make another movie (once my computer comes back) on this topic 😉 I’m not sure what else needs to be covered but I’m happy to do it.


  2. If you are anything like me, it’s the figuring it out and learning the ropes that’s been fun for you. It’s nice to see another feral mama trying resto. I might go back to it… it’s the lack of +dmg gear that’s holding me back. It’s so very counterproductive to grind for heal/dmg gear when I’m really wanting feral gear.

    I’ll be watching you to see how you come along!

    hee hee, hope you don’t mind. =D

  3. Grid is wonderful for five-mans. Watch for the little red dot to show you who has aggro, so you know who to heal.

    Oh yeah, and thanks for the shout! I hated slabs, so I thought others might and would appreciate the tips.

    For gearing advice, go check my posts to the FFJ forum (ffj.wickedit.com.au and hit the druid forums) on gearing a resto druid. It has all the stuff you should be aiming for pre-kara. I’m planning to re-format it for oneHoTnelf, but haven’t had the time lately.

  4. @Nibuca – Got it! Thanks for the links as well and good luck with your computer!

    @MaMa D – You’re right, I LOVE the learning curve! And no, I don’t mind you keeping an eye on me – feels like MaMa love.

    @onehotnelf – YOU are the Nelf! (and thanks for the pointers!)

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