World of Warcraft from a Wannabe MultiRole Druid

Build Tinkering

I’ve been piddling around with the talent calculator and doing my best to figure out which talents are going to best suit what I want to do, what I’ll need to do and what any druid worth her own…fur ball, should be able to do.

Here’s what I’m thinking of doing: 1/14/46 Take a look.

Changes to the:

Balance Tree

Took Nature’s Grasp cause it’s CC. How could I pass that up? Is it even possible to play WoW and say no to an ability (however limited ;p) to CC? I had put more points into this tree at first with Improved Moonfire and Insect Swarm but standing around in caster form trying to go pewpew with that itty-bitty moonfire was making me wonder how I would ever manage to solo anything.

Feral Tree

Made a lot more sense, especially in terms of soloing, to put the points in the feral tree and support my ability to offtank. Lengthening the stun duration of Bash and Pounce is nice and, yeah, I’ll take the spell interrupt of Feral Charge. Need to write a macro to help keep myself healed while soloing That should make it easier although probably not faster. Methinks that the days of tearing through mobs at a rigorous pace have gone the way of my Mangle. (I Miss Mangle!)

Restoration Tree

I dumped reducing the casting time of Healing Touch. Right now, the only time I use HT is with Nature’s Swiftness which turns it into an instant cast so…why did I need Naturalist? OK, I know, obviously I didn’t. Also didn’t take Omen of Clarity cause…hmmm, not sure I’m wanna miss that one. I know it’s not a factor for caster or Tree (not melee) but Cat and Bear could use the free energy and rage. Gonna have to think about that one. Hey, feel free to weigh in here with your opinions/suggestions/advice.

Or your vehement disagreement, cause I went and put 2 points into Improved Tranquility. Stop laughing…I said stop…Oh, alright, go ahead. Giggle…whatever, get it out your system. I think it’s a semi-brillant idea which unfortunately wasn’t mine. I re-read Oxylos’ To Be a Tree. I didn’t realize that the talent reduced Tranquility’s threat 100%. That stunned me. Basically, I can now channel that spell without taking aggro. Throw barkskin up beforehand and, viola, BIG ASS HEAL 4 EVERYBODY without dying myself! That’s just gotta be worth 2 points.


3 Responses to “Build Tinkering”

  1. Improved Tranquility – the moment I had enough talents points I grabbed in, then wondered why I never saw anyone mention it, then finally did see one mention in a druid guide that called it a waste of points.

    I don’t get it – I have used Tranquility at least once in just about every 5-man I’ve run. 0% threat? for a healer? for a party-wide heal? It has saved us from wipes numerous times, and I think it’s cheap at 2 pts. Along with Insect Swarm this is my favourite 2-pt talent.

    But keep it quiet – Blizz might decide it’s got some arcane PVP usefulness and poof it’ll be gone!

  2. Whoops, that was supposed to favourite low-point talent.


  3. Hey Kriyet! Thank you! Cause I was starting to think I was nuts or missing something that absolutely everyone else could see. NO threat. A viable panic button for those moments when EVERYONE’S health is vanishing. What’s not to love…well, the mana cost but hey, wipe vs. mana drain. sWeeT!

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