World of Warcraft from a Wannabe MultiRole Druid

Not So Cute Really

From a distance I’ve always thought that ToL was kinda cute. You know, funny looking, good dancer, makes the song lyrics, “Come on Baby, do the Twist” get stuck in my head, can HoT like …like…nobody else in the game. But last night I took a closer look.


I’m gonna go ahead and just say it for ya – That MaMa is scary looking! She moves cute and jumps like she might never land but for looks…damn near demonic. wOOt! That’s how I like my avatars in WoW – fierce. (Yeah, you might have already noticed that.) I was hugely disappointed when I first started playing and went Moonkin. Hadn’t ever seen one somehow and couldn’t believe it when I shifted and turned into…owlbeast. ::sigh:: It didn’t last a week with me.

So…I’m more than alittle happy to have a look with some bite to my bark (ow…)



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