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Arthur C. and me

I just found out from Kes that Arthur C. Clarke died. I was surprised to find myself crying. I didn’t realize how much his work meant to me. How long his stories had been in my head and heart.

Like a lot of people I first read “2001: A Space Odyssey” because I wanted to know what the movie had been about! It was one of the great mysteries of the time. Kubrick’s cinematic vision was stunning and ground-breaking but it was short on letting the audience in on what was going on.

My favorite book of Sir Arthur’s was “Childhood’s End”. It’s still the novel of his that I recommend to others. What I liked most about his work though was not the fantasy but the fact. I always wanted ‘science’ in my ‘fiction’ and his stories fullfilled that need. As a youngster I was often happiest reading about some mission on the moon that had gone terribly wrong while enjoying the fact that, if the story were true, it’s description of movement through low gravity, use of fuel and air, stuff like that, were accurate. It made it feel like I was really there. It made me want to go. (For about 3 years in my early teens I seriously wanted to be an astronaut. Still think we’d all cherish our planet if we all could see it from space.)

He was a great man who gave me and millions of others a glimpse into our own hearts. I found courage there and a willingness to strive, ambition and a joy of the unknown. I found my shared humanity and, most thankfully, a willingness to envision anything. He taught me that impossible just means it hasn’t been done yet.

Miss you…


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