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Arcatraz Key Fragment

I know, a few weeks from now (or months, who knows how long til the expansion comes out,) and I won’t need a key to get into Kara. =p I don’t care. I want my Key. I want the attunement. Hell, I want the practice.

Today the woman in my guild who got me to join decided to spearhead my efforts to get my keys. I was focusing on getting the one in SteamVaults since I’d gotten Murmur’s on Friday (thanks to another guildie coming in to replace someone at the final boss. Gotta love them guildies. =)

Oh yeah, did I tell you – finally got Murmur! We being a pug that did very well until we got to the Big Guy. I struggled learning to keep my eyes on everyone’s health AND the debuffs on me. A few times when I got Murmur’s Touch I saw it and ran under the tent like a good tree but as the fight progressed I started missing them and getting knocked into the air. Deaths insued. Wiki wisdom:

If a healer receives Murmur’s Touch, he should watch the countdown timer carefully and make sure the tank is healed to near-full before Murmur’s Touch goes off. The explosion will interrupt the healer’s spellcasting, and since he’s considered to be “moving” while he’s in the air, the healer won’t be able to cast any healing spells other than instant-cast spells until he lands.

We did finally down the dude but I’d like to go back and get it right. I’m one of those people who learn a lot after getting to mull it over. Things are clearer than they are in the midst of the furor.

So yesterday I was ready to head to SteamVault which is suppose to have a fairly easy bypass of the first boss if you’re only looking to pick up the fragment. Shoulda/Woulda/Couda. Seems like a lot of those same tanks who use to charge into the mob(s) before everyone was healed on mana’d back when I first started playing are still charging around, only now they’re doing it in Outland. It made an easy task difficult but I’m not gonna dwell on it. Was happy to have another one of the fragments in hand/bag/whatever and thought that was good enough for one day.

To my surprise, my guildie goddess of generousity proposes that we go into Arcatraz and get the third frag. Did I mention that I don’t like being unprepared? Did I suggest that I ever let that stop me?

Of course not. I went. What…I was gonna say no to a goddess? Unfortunately, we didn’t have a full group. It was messy and not very productive. We said we’d try again today. Gives me enough time to do a little homework.

This instance is alot tougher than what I’ve been doing to date. A LOT> The fragment is up the staircase that’s in front of you as you enter the first boss’ (Zereketh) room. Don’t have to fight the boss if we don’t want to inorder to get the fragment. sWeeT Still, gotta fight through trash mobs and sorry, I can’t tell you which ones are at the beginning. (Still looking mostly at those health bars…give me time, I’ll get it =) The trash in this place is big and bad, so be prepared. Here’s a description of the trash mobs that singles out the msot dangerous ones.

Arcatraz Sentinel –These start off all fights appearing dead, however when you get close they “wake up” and attack you. They randomly attack people in range for 1000 arcane damage while they are alive and for several seconds after they die. They also explode once they are ready to die hitting everyone in melee range for about 4k damage.

Protean Spawn – Located around the instance are dead Blood Elf corpses. When you get to close to them or attack at a distance they will spawn two protean spawn worms, that attack for a small amount of damage but explode upon death for up to 2k in an AoE.

Gargantuan Abyssal (WowWiki) – Has a fire shield, causing damage to anyone in melee, and casts Meteor, which does 10k damage in a radius, divided between everyone it hits. It’s best to stack everyone on the tank and split the total damage caused by Meteor. Immune to banish and enslave.

Negaton Warp-Master – These look like giant void walkers are easy to deal with if you keep them moving. If left in one place they put a glowing purple aoe at their feet that heals them and increases their damage by 250 per hit, that stacks 10 times.

Death Watcher – Places a debuff called “marked for death” on players, and if the death watcher is not killed within the count down time for the debuff, anyone with the debuff will take 5,000 damage. The count down is 30 seconds.

Wish I had read this before trying to stealth at one point. Looking forward to going for it again today cause then I can get to work on Escape from Durnhold Keep.

Ah…life at 70 ;p


2 Responses to “Arcatraz Key Fragment”

  1. great that you’re getting the practice in with the attunement. Just thing you’ll be able to say to all the new players when WOTLK comes out *I remember when you had to work to get attuned* and all that… 😉

  2. It’ll be interesting to see how players do in Kara without going through the attunement. If they just buy and quest for the gear and go, they’ll get their butts handed to them. The instances themselves seem to demand that you do the previous ones.

    As for the noobs…I promise…no rubbing it in their faces…much.

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