World of Warcraft from a Wannabe MultiRole Druid

Spring Break Just Broke

Tomorrow is ‘Get Yer Butt Back to Work’ Day. How much work will I be able to put into getting Kara Keyed? “Will our intrepid Hero (not heroine, Hero was a woman you know) continue in her ongoing quest to Attune?” Don’t know but she’s doin’ pretty good at the moment ;p

Finished Durnholde today. Took two tries to get a party going and too many hours. Run went fast. Nothing I needed/wanted dropped but wasn’t there for that so didn’t matter. Got through, got thanked (by Thrall,) badabing.

Healing went well. I only had to drink about half the time and only needed a pot once. Gotta put making a macro that uses the trinkets to the top of the todo list. Shouldn’t be that hard, just got to remember to do it! (No internal memory left, it’s a bitch ;p)

Arcatraz and Zereketh next!


2 Responses to “Spring Break Just Broke”

  1. I always liked Durnholde, though it’s too bad old Thrall don’t remember none of it in the present day. Lucks on getting fragment #3, though I doubts you’ll need. And then Black Morass, which be … intense. Be sure to stick around fer the post-game show with Medivh.

    Then on to Kara!

  2. I know, but I wants it! LOL No, really. There’s something about doing it the hard way…not sure what, but it makes the achieving sweeter…or something. Wish I could finish before the patch but it’s looking like it’ll come out sooner than later.

    I liked Durnholde too! Being outside and interacting with Thrall and his storyline was fun. Lots of folk get upset that he runs off without waiting for his crew but it made me laugh. Reminded me of a lot of tanks I’ve run dungeons with and they weren’t elites!

    I’ll make sure to catch the post-game show, thanks.

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