World of Warcraft from a Wannabe MultiRole Druid

12 and Under

I’ve heard so much about how young people can ruin a guild, a run. It’s annoying to play Alliance cause of all the “kids.” How their immaturity leads to obnoxious behavior, rude language, infantile sexual references. We’ve all heard and said most of these things but I gotta tell you – that group leader taking you through SteamVaults might be a 12 year old.

I’m talking from experience here. Last week I went into SteamVaults with a friend. He was a great leader, mature, patient, knew the instance and guided us through it for a clear. He’s twelve years old. I told him today I was gonna give him props in my blog cause he deserves it. He’s had to listen to a lot of negative generalizations about his age group without being able to defend himself. So I’m defending him and all those like him, cause while there are a lot of kids playing who can make you swear off rolling Alliance forever ;p there are just as many who are pretty amazing young people who can hold their own with the best of ’em.

I know…one of ’em just took me through SteamVaults last week…


3 Responses to “12 and Under”

  1. I have to agree with ya ‘Mama.

    Our guild started out with mostly 40-50ish adults. Then we started picking up family members of guildies, including kids. And they are generally awesome – play their characters great, know the instances, very helpful to other people. Right now, our only level 70 Rogue is played by a young teen – and he’s one of the best, nicest players I’ve run instances with.

    So, let’s haul back on those anti-kid swipes, people.

    Immature players aren’t necessarily young.

  2. I’ve had similar experiences on both sides, and my kid (13) plays as well. I think it all depends on the maturity of the player as well as their understanding that it’s a group effort. Granted kids sometimes don’t see or deal with things the way we as adults would, but that’s to be expected, but generally, I’ve seen some younger players that would blow the rest of us out of the water.

  3. @Kriyet – “Immature players aren’t necessarily young.” Well said! Sometimes the chat channels are painful to read. Ever played softball with adults? Especially guys? You’d think it was the major leagues instead of a SOFTBALL game! ::shaking head::

    @StepfordMom – Totally agree. We seem to be a society of Agists. (Is that a word?) So many prejudices about people based on their age instead of their actions.

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