World of Warcraft from a Wannabe MultiRole Druid

Remember Your First Time?

Life and WoW both like to surprise me…when I least expect it. Isn’t that how it happens time after time? I was just gonna pop in and fix any addons that needed attention, cause you know how it is…patch day, they break. I knew the odds of picking up my 3rd frag were bad cause who but me still needs the Master’s Key now that 2.4 had spring? My guild was doing Gruul that night so they were busy. I was just gonna fix addons.

    pst from Guild Hefe (Spanish word for Leader): What spec are you?
    stunned reply: Resto (the magic words methinks)


I went Resto cause I knew it was needed by my Guild and here’s the call and I’M NOT READY! I’m not geared for it and I know it. There’s NO WAY I should be going into Gruul’s Lair.

I went! Told ’em my gear wasn’t up to it but I guess my +966 Healing wasn’t too shabby and they needed another healer =)

What a wOOt! My daughter was there with me and for once we did well ‘over the shoulder’. My situational awareness still wasn’t up to speed so when I was assigned to switch targets after the skull went down, she called it for me. MaMa advantage: Kids! (Treants? ;p)

I used the LifeBloomer addon I’d found that gave me that BIG-ASS visual I’d been looking for AND showed how many blooms were on. It let me lock another LBer button on my 2nd target so switching was swEEt.

There’s much much more to tell but it’s late ;p I’m done. Here’s what I learned:

    *Put Regrowth into my casting sequence. Especially when tank healing. Not a lot of time for it when healing multiple targets
    *What trinkets…Finish writing/finding macros!
    *ToL does amazingly well with mana.
    *ToL does amazingly well with healing.
    *Raiding can be long, hard work but I LOVE’D IT!

and oh, yeah..

Major Patch days are NOT good for running 25-man raids ;p All kinds of disconnects and addon blues and…don’t do it.


4 Responses to “Remember Your First Time?”

  1. You got to go to Gruul’s! Awesomes!

  2. I’m still stunned! My first raid…Gruul’s?! Somebody up there…wanted me to get my ass kicked!

  3. My first raid was Zul’Aman. We even downed the first two bosses! It wasn’t even my guild, some other guild had no druid and were having trouble keeping the tank up through the fears.

    So, baby Althura, with her +1000 heals and zero raid experience, got to wander into ZA. Very cool, although there was no WAY I was ready for it. Still, heaps of fun.

  4. What raids are you running now and with how much +heal?

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