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Still Tinkering

I can tell this is going to cost me some gold but I don’t care…I’m not happy with my build yet. This is what I’ve been using – a 1/14/46 build. It isn’t doing it for me in terms of killing anything when grinding/questing. I thought I’d get some kitty love out of it but it’s not making much of a dent in anything but my patience.

Thinking about switching the extra points into the balance tree with a 20/0/41 build. I’m hoping that it gives me enough nuking power to actually kill something before my mana runs dry. Right now it’s damn near impossible to do dailies unless I’m teamed up with some dps. My budding raiding fun is gonna cost…I need fundage.

I’m also hoping that this build will lend itself to the 3rd Healer/DPS spot in the raid cause I’m still a Wannabe MultiRole druid ;p (That spot seems to have my name on it.) At the moment though, I’m mostly concerned with being able to kill something! HeLP!


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  1. I’m a Balance Druid, and often re-specc to help out with the healing, but I never want to completely give up all my balance points. I don’t have a Tree of Life build for healing: I go 26/0/35. It’s not the best DPS in the world, but it works, and you can heal very well (I MT healed in Kara with it).

    I wrote a little article a while back talking about my choices for the talents I took (some of it may change now, you may want to go for Regrowth rather than Healing Touch as your main heal, for example) and it can be found here: http://taurenmoonkin.blogspot.com/2008/01/restoration-or-another-re-specc.html

    Have fun!

  2. I just recently swapped Mayfield to a 19/0/42 build and I’m loving it. Granted I leveled as a boomchicken and tend to play casters a bit, but honestly with the shorter cast time on wrath and a bit of oomph behind the spells, root and nuke works pretty well for most mobs. I tried the kitty/bear farming bit awhile back and it just didn’t cut it, I still end up healing mid fight occasionally, but it’s not so bad.

  3. Hi there!

    I made a post a while ago about my 20,0,41 build which you might like to read about. I’m not saying my build is the best build but I’ve got some arguments for it here: http://swiftmend.blogspot.com/2007/12/tree-of-life-in-balance.html

    Here is the build:

    I find it works great for a tree of life druid who raids but wants to do decent solo damage. There are no points in there for improved shapeshifting or feral abilities and it is focused on rooting/nuking mobs and healing with HoTs as a tree in raids using the improved MotW as well.

    Spirit is a primary tree stat so I’m putting 3 points in Living Spirit and Tranquility is a seldom used spell with a long cooldown so those points are better off somewhere else. Furor is no good with this playing style either so Imp MotW is a better choice. I don’t shapeshift much with this style so no points in Natural Shapeshifter. Full Subtlety and Nature’s focus are nice as well.

    Hope it gives you some ideas and that you find a build that you enjoy!

  4. I see you May!

    On the rare occasions that I spec for healing I often go for 33/0/28. http://wowhead.com/?talent=0toruVcshhZZxxcbxqM
    Its a completely different healing style from ToL, based on very efficient Healing Touch spamming. It also gives you a ton of talents to root and wrath with when farming.

  5. @Nalik – Thanks for the article. I starting to think that the 20 points iin Balance may be just enough to get some decent nuking in. Alittle worried about not having Control of Nature at 100% but I see you don’t either. It’s not a problem? Baddies hit, hit, hittinig on you?

    @StepfordMom – Well that’s encouraging! I love playing my kittybear but I wasn’t getting enough damage done. Took FORever to kill anything 😦 Btw, your day WILL improve! Hang in there =)

    @Niniel – Yes, it certainly did give me ideas and I’m looking into some of my choices again. Glad to hear that there IS a way to solo as a Tree. Was feeling like all I was good for was ‘blowing in the wind’..

    @Wellington – Thanks for the info. I’m going to stick with ToL though. I like the utility of being able to roll LifeBlooms. It’s mana efficient for days and instant cast to boot =) You’ve given me ideas though, thanks!

  6. When you grind, be sure to stack spell damage and weave lifeblooms in your rotation. I have a separate spell damage grinding set cobbled together from unwanted instance drops and quest rewards. The spell damage gear helps a lot, and with a lifebloom or two rolling I’m pretty much unkillable.

  7. Hey Sibohan – Great reminder. Today I did just what you recommended and you’re right, with a few lifeblooms thrown in, living was easy. Had to drink just about every other time but that’s better then dying. Going to work on my regen now, I guess. At least able to grind! wOOt!

  8. I guess I’m jumping in a bit late, I’ve been mostly out of the blogosphere for the last month or so.

    I consider myself primarily a healer, and I’m specced (I think) 48 into the resto tree. Every talent which could possibly buff my HoTs, and I left out anything which just buffed HT. I went with improved tranq, because it’s the best spell on earth.

    Seriously, it ticks for over 2k for me. Everyone low? Major splash damage, the group is verging on a wipe? Hit your all-purpose panic button, tranquility. 2k+ per tick on everyone in the group, and zero threat to boot. Sure, it has a long cooldown, but it’s meant as a panic button, and it has saved wipes for me. And being the person to save a 1% wipe on a Kara boss is a way to MAJOR kudos.

    Everything else went into balance. Insect swarm is awesome, and I went with control of nature over Nature’s Grasp.

    Looking at the build you linked, my advice (from my own perspective, remembering I might be completely wrong):
    Ditch Furor, grab Imp MotW. Imp MotW isn’t great, but it’s better than free rage or energy when you probably won’t use feral forms much anyway.
    Get 3/3 Living Spirit. Spirit is your main stat, and this means more mana regen and more +healing in ToL form.
    Other than that, it’s a nice build: I’m thinking of changing to something like this soon. I’d LOVE to fit Vengeance in there.

  9. Hey 1hot (sorry, I abbreviate everything) I know, Furor, I don’t really need it but damn if I can let it go! Maybe it’s leftover from feral days or wanna be multi days to come but when I shift into bear or cat I GOTTA have something to work with. Even though I don’t use it often, it allows me to charge or prowl/pounce when needed. But, I know, not REALLY necessary.

    You are SO right about the Living Spirit talent, I don’t know what I was thinking. Actually, I was using info from an article (that now I can’t find) about that talent only adding +39 healing. I don’t think that’s right anymore though, after reading this article from Phaelia. I was also considering how I spend so much time inside the 5SR…but yeah, it was a brain fart.

  10. My coding if off today. Meant to link to this article.

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