World of Warcraft from a Wannabe MultiRole Druid

Just Keep Waiting…

You know, I’m TRYING to do the right thing. I’m WILLING to go through a progression that turns me into a better player. I’m COMMITTED to gearing up properly to go into Kara instead of having it handed to me by other people who did it the hard way…but DAMN IT ALL! How many HOURS is it suppose to take to get a group together?!

I spent ALL DAY at it and…sorry…I’m alittle bitchy right now…


6 Responses to “Just Keep Waiting…”

  1. I’m right there with you. My guild said to me “let us know where you need to go” but when I say “sethekk Halls” they hem and haw since they’re not going to get any loot or rep out of there. It’s very frustrating.



  2. Hey Nibuca!

    I’m gonna try rounding up the people in my guild who need to gear up as well and come at it that way, cause all this waiting around is ridiculous. Spent as much time waiting as doing a full run on Kara…but that’s another story 😉

  3. I feel your pain. It took me weeks and weeks and weeks and I lost count of all the instances we got 4/5 players and the tank bailed for a group that was already 4/5 and just needed a tank. Meanwhile I’d started the group, and my 45 mins of asking and spamming trade and hitting refresh in LFM was suddenly out the window, because one or two dps saw the tank bail and went as well.

    Having been there, done that, for a resto druid, here’s what I learned:

    If your guild uses GC or similar to organise raids / runs / whatever, use it liberally. Schedule a run of something you need every time you can commit a few hours, and see if someone shows. 3/5 from one guild is an attractive group for puggers to join, even if you don’t get a full guild run. I moaned about how hard it was to get guildies to come help with an instance, only to have an officer berate me for expecting people to drop everything at a moment’s notice because I asked in /g. Give people hours or days notice, and it might work better.

    Also, keep an eye on the daily dungeon. The second the daily has a drop you want, hit LFG for that dungeon. There’ll probably be a few more people after that one, although the daily heroic is usually much busier.

    If you’re having trouble finding a group, grind. Really, you’re gonna need that cash for pots, food, elixirs, enchants, gems, BoE epics, and more. Once you have the cash, go buy those BoE epics. Or grind BGs, or join an arena team: some of the PvP epics are good well beyond Karazhan. If you’re stuck for what gear you need, I’ve done up a gear guide on my guild’s forums aimed at gearing for Karazhan (mostly ignoring heroics/badges). Go to http://ffj.wickedit.com.au/ and hit the druid forums. It lists gems and enchants as well.

    Oh yeah, buy green gems and down-ranked enchants. They’re cheap, and save blowing lots of gold on gear you’ll replace soon anyway.

  4. See, I knew I loved you for a reason. What a great idea! Advanced notice…you *are* the jimmyjam. =)

  5. I can never quite tell if you mean that 🙂

    But yeah, it is something I got wrong when I was trying to get help for stuff. I’m on the other side of it now, and I see how frustrating it is: I have a few guildies who are CONSTANTLY expecting me to come heal stuff for them, at the drop of a hat. Honestly, I’d love to say yes more, because they’re nice to run with, but I’ve either just told another group I’d heal them, or I’m in the middle of re-speccing or re-arranging my cast bars, or SOMETHING, and if I’d known even a half hour earlier, I wouldn’t be busy now. Even more notice is better: we’d never be able to get our 10-man Kara teams going if we just tried to pull a group together whenever, so it’s good practice for raiding anyway.

  6. Went over to the Guild forums and posted a call for people who wanted to gear up. Got one other person so far and three guildies who are willing to help out with a bit of notice, so feeling good about it. Thanks again for the tip.

    …and, oh yeah, I DO mean it. =)

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