World of Warcraft from a Wannabe MultiRole Druid

hot diggity dam

Somehow, while I wasn’t quite looking, I turned into a raider. Ok, a very, very nOOb raider, but a raider nonetheless. It’s what I kept saying I wanted to do ever since I left my old guild cause they were only doing pvp. Want to see end-game content, I said and playing with groups of people cause hey, we’re humans, that’s what we do.

Well lookie, lookie…that’s exactly what’s goin on and I’m lovin it. I don’t seem to have time for anything else. I’m either running to Kara, Gruul’s, Magtheridon…if Gruul goes down tonight we’re slated to head into Magtheridon or SSC. Yea, I know! This has all been going on so fast. Gotta hold on to my knickers.

Update since a week ago: Got my first piece of Tier 4 Tuesday night from High King Maulgar. Wasn’t gonna bid on it cause I’d joined late in the evening after work but two of them dropped so…Pauldrons of the Fallen Defender…the goddess continues to stuff my virtual pockets. Went and traded it for Shoulderguards of Malorne. BBB thinks the “gods of loot karma” are rewarding me for studying. I like the sound o that since I plan on continuing the practice. I don’t ask the gods a lot of questions. Too busy thanking them for getting BBB to stop by =)

Let me ask youse a question…why is everyone shocked that I read up on shit? Don’t most people? I know a lot don’t but most people do…don’t they? (Sorry, word fun, I can’t help it.) I’m too embarrassed to go into these fights without having *some* idea of what’s about to go down. Even reading up only helps so much.

In Gruul’s I worked on remembering to move my bloody feet…roots…whatever. Took me a few Cave Ins to get good a getting out of the way. Moving! Gonna get the Boar Enchant on my boots when I can but meanwhile I’m gonna try shifting outta form. Taurens are slow too but faster then the Tree and can keep healing on the run (stop laughing, we’re bovines, we’re bigboned ;p)

Looking around is still a bitch too. My tank died one time on Gruul cause I couldn’t freaking FIND him. He ran one way, I ran another and by the time I tried the other direction…bones littered the floor. Makes a healer feel bad.

Did pretty well overall though. Learned what I was suppose to and then it was just that we didn’t have enough dps to down him anyhow. Think we were at 13 growths and his health was still way too high. Makes me want to nuke him myself.

Slated to finish the sucker off Thursday and we will. Started *GASP* reading up on The Void Reaver (who sounds pretty easy actually /knock wood) and The Lurker Below (who sounds like I’m gonna wish more people would read up on it LoL!)

Like I said, no time for anything else really. Run on at some point during the day to do the fishing daily cause that alone pays my repair bill. (Btw, will everyone please stop bitchin about repair costs! Unless it’s hitting 60g or so I don’t really want to hear it. It’s so ridiculously easy to make gold these days, come on.) Trying to level up my cooking so I can do the Cooking Daily as well. Should probably get into running some dungeon dailies cause the cost of gemming these pieces is costing me.

Spend a little bit of time fishing for golden darter so I can make my own fish sticks. A guildie and the GM have been wonderful about keeping me supplied but I like to come with my own. Doesn’t take long. Just fly that loop of river southeast of shatt and boom, stack o 20.

Here’s an update from tonight (Thursday): GOT THE BIG BAD DOWN! It was very sweet since we had trouble with Gruul for so many attempts. I got down on myself cause I kept getting killed by the Cave Ins!! Arg!!! Folks were incredibly supportive so now I’m not feeling so bad about it (was moving but not enough stamina to take a few hits while I got out) and, oh yeah…my personal relationship with the goddess is still good. My guildies convinced me to get one of the drops – Cowl of Nature’s Breath – even though I felt like I hadn’t earned it tonight. It’s a learning and gearing curve. My skills may not be increasing as fast as I’d like but I am improving and the greens in my gear are disappearing faster than I ever imagined they would =)


2 Responses to “hot diggity dam”

  1. Sounds a bit like me! My new guild were *trying* to get numbers together for gruul and Maggy, in the month since I’ve been here we’re now farming them and have had a couple of attempts at the Lurker 😀

    Enjoy the raiding!

  2. Hey Softi! I am, I will. You too! =)

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