World of Warcraft from a Wannabe MultiRole Druid

Gruul Post Mortem

Forgot to say what I learned from the frustration of dying too many times in the CAVE INs! This is pissing me off just thinking about it but gotta get clear – OF THE CAVE INs! arG! Told you I was getting pissed. /taking a moment

There…What did I learn from Gruul:

Change to Bear when being pummeled. I already know this but for some reason I haven’t been doing it in raids. I’m fixated on thinking that I’m suppose to keep healing. Note to self – in a raid I’m suppose to keep living.

Having Swiftmend accessible without it’s macro to Rejuv is a good thing. I’m using it all the time.

Keep a constant eye out for the f*cking CAVE INs! Constant. They happen more often as the fight goes on so don’t stop looking.

It’s a fact – Good Guildies are the really phat lewt.


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