World of Warcraft from a Wannabe MultiRole Druid

Guild Pain

For some reason, I thought there wasn’t any drama going on in my guild. Call me clueless if ya want cause that’s what I’m calling myself. I’m not gonna go into details cause…I don’t know…dirty laundry…public…it’s not my thing.

Suffice it to say my guild split last night. It was ugly. Mostly because those who were left were hurt and you know how humans are when we’re hurt, we’re evil sons of bitches. I had to just log off cause I couldn’t take what people were saying about people who had, minutes earlier, been our good friends.

I’m not sure what I’m going to do. Our GM is away right now (although he does know what’s going on and the people who left spoke with him beforehand,) and I don’t want to make any decisions without speaking to him first.

I’m sad, unhappy, missing my friends, frustrated, a little angry…

Job: (raising his voice to the heavens) Why me Lord?! Why me?!
God: (A voice booms from above) Because sometimes you just PISS ME OFF!


5 Responses to “Guild Pain”

  1. sorry to hear that warmamma. it’s so tough when things like that happen.
    i hope your guild heals and that your friendships will be able to stay intact.

  2. *hugs* guild drama stinks. Hang in there. Sometimes all you can do is play wait n see, thats where I’m at myself:)

  3. Aw, I’m sorry to hear that, and hope that you can still stay in touch with the friends who left after things have calmed down. We had something similar happen in our guild (though it was a quieter departure), and I created an alt to join the “splinter group,” so I can still spend time with them.

    For all the dismissive things we often say about WoW being “just a game,” the relationships we build in the game are real, aren’t they?

  4. Thanks everybody for the support. Ess is so right, our ingame relationships are real…a real PAIN! LoL naw, just joking. Friends are good, nomatter where they come from. RL, in-game or from a blog – it’s all good. Thanks =)

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