World of Warcraft from a Wannabe MultiRole Druid

Raiding for the NooB

wOOt! Hot Diggity Dam I’m having a good time! After all the drama, all the fuss and muss, things are working out. I’m alittle overwhelmed by how quickly this has all happened but I’m enjoying (almost) every minute of it.

The newly formed guild of which I am now a part and composed primarily of friends from former guild, came together last night. We’d run together before but yesterday we added a priest to the mix and that made it all gel. We could hold our own, unexpected pulls of adds didn’t wipe us, we one-shotted Netherspite, two-shotted Prince (elementals dropped right on top of us and I ran to “the other right!” LoL)

I’m not sure if I’ve been doing this for awhile or just recently, but my ‘situational awareness’ is finally coming into play. I spent a good amount of time watching what was going on instead of just health bars. I think I’m feeling confident enough about what I’ve got to do to keep looking around.

I know, the picture is too small but really, I just want you to see Nightbane’s very DEAD bones. I don’t want you to see my druid in the wrong outfit cause I’d just been rezzed and somehow my volume was off. It was very surreal, victory and celebrating in total silence. It through me off and kept my attention on figuring out what was wrong with my sound instead of what was wrong with my outfit ;p (I managed to one-shot my master volume on the computer. Still don’t know how I did that from in-game. Must be a keybind that I can’t find.)

Other fun was had last night. I got to trade banter with a Blizz rep because of a ticket I put in. I got hit with a strange bug in the Chess Event (yea, buggiest place in Kara.) After my pawn died (cause I’m a good noob and gladly move that fricking thing out of the way for the team FTW!) I got ported over to Curator! When the we won the fight I wasn’t in the room and so unable to open the chest and get this little purty.

About an hour after putting in the ticket I get a pst froma CM who proceeded to treat me right! Oh yes, I am a happy Blizzard customer. I pays my money and I gets my lewt =) I gotta say, we had a great little conversation. It was as close as I’ve come to actually roleplaying in WoW. S/he was sweet and funny and when I typed Gratz instead of Thanks I apologized and explained that “I was all a twitter” from talking to them. Alittle brag to follow, avert your eyes if you must. I got praised for using a twitter! CM said it was a good use of the word and they’d never seen it before…gratz! wOOt! I’m still pleased with myself. Chatting with the CM was as much fun as clearing Kara.

Oh yeah…the loot. My GM did the right thing and took the boots for me while putting in a ticket himself. So the CM had both of us online at the same time and made arrangements to send it to me by mail today (/fingers remaining crossed until those purple puppies are bond to my big feet!)

As for any fellow noob raiders out there here’s what I’ve learned so far about Raiding:

SHOW UP ON TIME! If you can’t make the scheduled time let people know and show up when you say you will.

STOCK UP BEFORE HAND! I’m shouting cause these are such basic rules that I’m sure you’ve seen elsewhere but for some reason people don’t seem to believe them. I log on for an hour at least a day to do a few dailies to pay for repairs, to fish so I can make my Golden Fishsticks, hit up the AH for a stack of Elixir of Healing Power, 3 Stacks of Water and 5-10 Scroll of Spirit Vs. Bandages (you DO make your own bandages don’t you) and anything else I think I might need or can share.

DO YOUR HOMEWORK! Yea, you probably already know how I feel about this. It’s a no brainer and makes you feel good. Also, I’m glad to say, a requirement of getting to raid with the guild I’m in =)

DON’T CLOG VENT! It’s a fine balance that I haven’t achieved yet so I tend to be quiet. Too much chatter really slows the whole raid down and, at worst, can cause wipes cause people aren’t really paying attention.


There are, of course, more Fine Rules to Raid By but this’ll do for now. Got any you want me to add?


5 Responses to “Raiding for the NooB”

  1. Oooh sounds like you’ve been having a great time!

    Speaking of twitter… you should come join me there – http://www.twitter.com and add softthistle. It’s great for random chatter (without being direct) throughout the day and there are loads of wow bloggers on it 😉

  2. It sounds like someone is having the time of their life! I’m glad you are enjoying yourself Mama, that’s what it’s all about.

  3. @Softi I’ll definitely add you if I start twittering /guarantee on

    @MamaD Sooooo much fun. I’m amazed =)

  4. congratulations! I’m glad it’s going well.

  5. Thanks Rabbit. Yea…I’m a happy gear whore, I admit it.

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