World of Warcraft from a Wannabe MultiRole Druid

Paid to Heal

It happened to me the other night while running with my guildies through Arcatraz. Initially I’d asked for help getting my third key fragment for Kara. (Yes, I’m still determined to get my key, just been busy dammit!) Only needed the first boss or an attempt via stealth but a few in the group wanted to clear the whole thing for rep or gear or just practice, I don’t really remember. Who am I to say no to getting what I want anyway so, yea! Let’s do it!

It was my first experience solo healing an Outland instance in ToL and I was nervous cause, you know, Trees don’t really handle burst all that well. Alittle burst I can manage but I worry if it starts to be continuous. Will I be able to keep up? Tranquility has a cooldown and…whatever, I was nervous.

Besides an initial wipe (cause I was looking at a big beastie while several larvae beasties at my feet were killing me. Hey, I’m tall, I forget to look down sometimes ;p)  things went VERY well after that and there were compliments and everything and then…WTF…there was 10 gold in trade comin’ at me.

To my credit I didn’t take it…at first ;p Hey, my folks always told me not to argue about money when someone was trying to give it to me. I put up a valiant effort but after the 5th, “No, really, don’t pay me.” I just took it and said thanks, you shouldn’tve.

But here’s the part that was interesting to me – the player (rogue I think) was trying to pay me because he said usually the healers just let him die.  He was giving me the money he routinely spent on his repairs! I was so surprised. Told him that I had considered whether to let him kick it but thought I could keep him alive without endangering the tank – so I did. Didn’t think of it as a big deal but part of my job. 

Btw, spent it on my guild tabard and consumables for the next time ;p



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