World of Warcraft from a Wannabe MultiRole Druid

Pet Pickle

All of a sudden I’m having this thing with pets. I want them. They make me happy and keep me company when doing repetitive tasks or waiting around between pulls.

I want kool ones, like my friends have.

I want this one

I am spending a ridiculous amount of time in Zangamarsh farming for it and yes, it’s in honor of Joss’ Firefly. In the meantime, in the privacy of my own daily questing or farming mats I like to hang out with this geeky guy.

The problem with Egbert is…and I hate to say it…he’s just not kool. He wasn’t hard to get, a ton of people have him and he’s so goofy looking that he’s kinda embarrassing. (You all should know by now that I am a vain druid, a woeful combination.) For all of his faults, I’m kinda stuck on him. He’s cute, dammit and he reminds me of a little kid, always running off and getting into trouble.


2 Responses to “Pet Pickle”

  1. I’m quite a fan of the sporebat pet, its an easy enough reputation grind, and though it takes time you are guaranteed to get it in the end unlike the firefly. Of course I’m hoping to get one of the crocs from the daily fishing quests, so far I’ve only been rewarded with hooks and potions though.

  2. I’ve been hoping for the baby croc too! He’s so ugly cute – I love him! I’ll have to take a look at the sporebat cause I’m getting a bit discouraged about the firefly. It’s becoming harder to keep making the laps but after all this work I’d feel silly stopping. You know…it’ll drop…after the next one…the next 100. Kinda like waiting for a taxi in New York City, as soon as you leave a spot one comes!

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