World of Warcraft from a Wannabe MultiRole Druid

Jan’Alai and His Hairy Butt

You can guess whether or not we downed him last night from the title, can’t you? =p We would’ve, we could’ve damn it but we spent most of our time getting to him. There’s ANOTHER Gauntlet >< This one comes with Scouts, big trolly lookouts who bang drums and call for 2 lvl70 ELITE Reinforcements!

The good news is…there’s a way around them. Fewer Scouts but more Dragonhawks. Still, easier to manage then Scouts that patrol in groups of 3! We spent most of the night trying to tough out Jan’Alai’s Gauntlet before going around the other way.

I think we made 2 or 3 attempts on said Jan’Alai.

Ugly ain’t he?

Now don’t hold me to it but I think my guild needed to use the Pally tanking the Hawks strategy. Cause the last time we died A LOT of Hawks spawned at once, which means we didn’t hatch and kill enough of ’em during the fight.

Healing issues mostly had to do with splash damage from his Flame Breath if people weren’t spread out enough. Healing through it wasn’t too difficult, LifeBlooms and Rejuvs took care of it nicely.

Also a lot of Raid Damage as people learned to find good spots in between his Fire Bombs. I had expected that to be more difficult and had changed my camera to zoom further out so I’d have a better view looking down on it…didn’t need to do it once. It was easy to see where the open spots were from ground level. Also, those spots were never too far away so even my waddle (read slooooow movement) could get there in time. Not everyone had the same experience though and while I didn’t take any damage from the Bombs usually half the raid did, so that called for Raid Healing.

Finally, those freakin’ DragonHawks overwhelm when not handled properly to begin with and it becomes to much to heal. Yea, I know, Blizzard planned it that way (pesky Blizzard =p) and we’ll get it, next time. I really think we just need to have our Pally tank those Hawks!


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