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Blizzard GM Supports Bank Ninja

Always seems that stuff like this – getting your Guild Bank ninja’d – happens to some other guild cause it’s DRAMA and that’s from the Guilds you read about in Insider. But no, sometimes it’s your very own drama, from your very own Guild. Yup, that’s my WoWLife, welcome to it ;p

OK, I’m gonna spill it. Our GMs, a virtual couple (which is a whole ‘nother story) /gquit on Sunday right as we were fighting Nightbane. That told me that they really didn’t want to talk about it and I can see how that can be difficult. It was funny tho because it was Nightbane, and I’m reading a farewell in guild chat but I can’t really stop what I’m doing to respond. Wipe or /gquit? We took the /gquit, wouldn’t you?

Now our guild is young, only a few weeks old actually because this same couple split from our previous guild to start this one and raid more. Fine, I’m all for raiding, I like them, that’s why I came along. But here they go again and damn, that’s just too much hopping for me and I like my guildies so I’m gonna tough it out with them, if we can.

Oh yeah, we can. We got together after another few attempts at Nightbane and calling it for the night. The couple were our main tank and warlock so we were carrying a few too many undergeared, inexperienced people while our Pally tank got used to the fight. Long story short – we regroup, form a Council of Officers to oversee the guild, elect two coLeaders for the day-to-day and get back to the very fun business of raiding. Kara scheduled for last night, Gruuls with another guild tonight, ZA later this week…we’re dealing with it all.

During the election process it became apparent that one of the Officers REALLY wanted to be one of the Leaders. Says he’s concerned about the leadership pushing progression and doesn’t listen when we remind him one of the coLeaders is in there just for that reason. He gets heated about the whole thing, one of the reasons I don’t want him as coAnything, and leaves the meeting in a huff.

Said Officer by the name of CHAOSREAPER, a level 70 Rogue on the Shattered Hand (US) Server, the brother of one of the founding Officers (cause it’s DRAMA,) has with him most of the valuable gems and shards from our bank. He said he was keeping them safe from the GMs who just left. We asked him nicely to put them back, we’ve downgraded old GMs standing so they can’t loot it. The next day, without returning about 700gold worth of stuff, he /gquits.

When we report this (ironically, during another battle with Nightbane who dies quite nicely this time) to a GM, Nenraith, ingame and are told that said CHAOSREAPER is…get this…”just playing his class”! Can you pick my jaw up off the floor! Yea, we’re putting in another ticket but I’m still in a state of shock.

Am I missing something? Has this been Blizzard’s position all along and I just missed it? /shaking head With a name like CHAOSREAPER, I should have expected it. But Nenraith?


4 Responses to “Blizzard GM Supports Bank Ninja”

  1. That stinks. But, if you intentionally promoted this guy and gave him access to the bank, then there’s probably nothing that a GM will do to restore your stuff. Blizzard gives you the tools to control who gets access, but you make an unfortunate decision and give the wrong person access, they’ll probably just tell you to screen your officers better next time.

    It doesn’t hurt to ask though… I wish you guys the best of luck in getting your stuff back!

  2. Hey Ess – yeah, I agree. Don’t think we were expecting much from Blizzard in terms of getting stuff back, more like a heads up that here’s a player who has ninja’d a guild bank. Perhaps if he keeps doing it and people report him, Blizzard will ban him.

    But apparently not. I’d have expected Blizzard to reply with a comment much like yours but instead we got the ‘he’s playing his class’ thing which really shocked me.

  3. sup baila hows ur summer going i know this is not exactly the best place to put this but i wish u good luck with the move come visit school!!!

  4. Hey Akag! Good to hear from you. Things are ok, just a little difficult at the moment. I’ll definitely come visit school. Wait til you see it! Be prepared for things to look A LOT different when you get back. Have a great summer and hopefully I’ll see you online soon.

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