World of Warcraft from a Wannabe MultiRole Druid

The Good, the Bad and the SoSo

Gawd damn! Life without an internet connection is NOT fun. I’m typing this entry parked outside of a closed library while my computer downloads The Burning Crusade again.

The good news – I’ve got a working computer!  Apple really is the jam and they sent my honey back in record time.

The bad news – All my added programs were erased.  I’ve got most of them on a separate hard drive but that’s in storage… somewhere in there…

The good news – I’ve found a place for me, kid and dog to live until we can move to our new home in August.

The bad news – You already read it, no internet connection. I am, however, finding ways around that. Parking in front of a closed library is only vaguely embarrassing and will have to do for now.

The good news – Play rehearsals are going really well AND I should manage to be back on WoW within a few days. /keeping fingers crossed


3 Responses to “The Good, the Bad and the SoSo”

  1. Hope everything works out for the best and you move into your new place soon! And I’ve heard much, much, much more embarassing stories from people who were desperate to log in and couldn’t do it from the house.

  2. No updates for a while! =O

  3. Dear Pai – yea, it’s been a LONG while. sorry but things ain’t hoppin’ here yet and I’m not sure when they will be =( You, on the other hand, remain WONDERFUL and I’m still busy reading your blog =)

    Dear Cynra – Dag, I wish I’d run into your blog when I was trying to roleplay, I’d have been encouraged to keep at it. Maybe one day…

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