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At Long Last Warcraft

October 30, 2008

What a relief! Finally…after almost two months, I got logged into WoW today! wOOt! I’m just going to admit up front that afterwards there was a huge grin on my face.  The music was thundering and it was kinda overthetop but wonderful…ya know…and I was…what’s the word…happy. The challenge of finding time to play still […]

Laughing to Keep from QQ

October 18, 2008

No more whining about not being able to play. That’s just how it is for now, I’m sucking it up thank you and living a vicarious virtual existence by reading blogs…lots of ’em. Last night my daughter turned me on to this video. It doesn’t have a damn thing to do with WoW and it’s […]

Can’t Say Goodbye

October 14, 2008

…although I probably should. I can’t play WoW at my new job, it’s very blocked except for the summer. While I thought I’d have more free time at this new position, I actually have less so I don’t have time to find somewhere else to play either. It’s all kind of glum on the WoW […]