World of Warcraft from a Wannabe MultiRole Druid

At Long Last Warcraft

What a relief! Finally…after almost two months, I got logged into WoW today! wOOt! I’m just going to admit up front that afterwards there was a huge grin on my face.  The music was thundering and it was kinda overthetop but wonderful…ya know…and I was…what’s the word…happy.

The challenge of finding time to play still remains but damn, at least I can log on. Still don’t have access at home but WiFi is easy to find.  In some ways not being able to play much is a helpful thing, makes it easier to get more done at work and at home, etc.  But also it’s an enforced way of learning to balance my WoW time.

I’m a little befuddled about exactly what I’m going to do.  Quest?  That doesn’t exactly sound like a whole lot of fun after raiding.  Maybe joining in on a raid when needed cause, hey, most groups are looking for a healer at some point. 😉

For now though, just glad to have gotten back on and in case you’re interested, the problem was that I had to re-download the game without access.  I don’t have the hours it would have taken to stay parked in front of a HotSpot.  The Goddess is Good and today a student offered to tranfer his WoW files to my computer via FireWire.  It took all of…what…ten minutes!  wOOt!  At long last…


2 Responses to “At Long Last Warcraft”

  1. Yay for wow time! 🙂

    My play-time has drastically decreased since I started my new job, but at least I can still do something, right?

  2. So right! I’m still not sure exactly what I have time for that’ll be fun, but hey, some IS better than none.

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