World of Warcraft from a Wannabe MultiRole Druid

Bringing Up the Rear

I’m in the silly position of being so far behind in WoW that I’m just now fixing my add-ons from the latest patch.  Yeah, I know, turtle time!

But hey, gotta write about something don’t I?  (Shush, yes I do =p)

So a late, but heartfelt – OW! It’s ALL a mess!  Actually, it was kinda funny.  My buttons were hanging out in the middle of my screen like they were trying to emulate Grid.  X-Perl just wasn’t happy with me. Lua errors right and left. No clue what’s going on so disabled the sucker.

I sat in a local tea house most of the afternoon looking very genteel, sipping Chai Tea with Soy from an English-style tea cup with a pot.  I stayed away from the huge oatmeal cookies as long as I could but finally succumbed. I did manage the following:

Hung out in /join guildinvite until one of my new acquaintances from the guild’s forum came by and, hot damn, she was an officer.  Signed us all up.  Very sweet.  Yes, new guild. The old one moved, (yet again,) and that was a move too many for me.  I figure they’ll move a few more times before they’re through and I’m too much of a stay-at-home for that. Found what appears to be a solid, friendly, large group of like minded folk to hang with.  They’re big enough that they’ve got it all – hardcore raiding, casual, pvp, whatever a MaMa could want.

I actually managed to run around and grab a few pieces of Hollow’s End candy in the insane hope that the Pet would drop but…nope.

Lag was INSANE in Shattrath (I know, who am I telling) but I did complete fishing daily over in Nagrand.  I kid you not, got the Monstrous Mudfish on the first cast.

I also took a look at what was in my bank in terms of armor that I might want to wear but it was too annoying trying to compare pieces without Outfitter, so I’m downloading that tonight.

As it stands, I still don’t really have access to WoW from home (although I’m continueing to work on it cause I realize, I’m nothing if not tenacious =p) But happy to have had a few hours in-game with new friends and new abilities.  VERY interested to see how the new Druid talents Living Seed, Replenish, Gift of the Earthmother and Wild Growth play out.

Oh, and my biggest kick was using Lifeblood. Via WowWiki:

Lifeblood is a new ability with Patch 3.0.2, exclusive to herbalists. It is a free, instant HoT that increases in power for every 75 skill points in herbalism. It does not scale with spellpower.

Rank table
Rank/ Healing/ Skill level
1/ 300/ 75
2/ 480/ 150
3/ 720/ 225
4/ 900/ 300
5/ 1200/ 375
6/ 2000/ 450

All that to say…anyone that trains herbalism now has an instant HoT AND it has the SWEETEST animation! eight or more flowers sprout up around the caster, growing into maturity in just a few seconds and then blooming while giving off radiance. VERY nice. I rain it over and over standing by my trainer. Hey! I’m late to the game but that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy it!


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