World of Warcraft from a Wannabe MultiRole Druid

Look Up n Smell the Humus

As you may know, I don’t have a lot of time to hang out in Azeroth but having just gotten some moderate measure of access back, I’ve been anxious to get in-game and PLAY!

This week I’ve managed to log on a few times. I’m really not interested in tooling around on my druid unless I’m healing someone in a raid or getting prepared to heal somebody in a raid. Not really sure why that is. I guess it feels kinda pointless to be spec’d to heal without doing so. But my access is still a bit spotty, not reliable enough to join a group so…what’s a WarMaMa to do?

Roll an ALT!

I didn’t want to pay another $25 to move an alt so I rolled one on my new server. (A troll hunter cause I had so much fun last time with Boners.) Sure enough, I can jump in and out of the game, disconnect from the server or not and it ain’t no thing. Fun…happiness…WoW.

So I’m tooling around Durotar doing the beginning quests for, what, the tenth time? Maybe more than that. I look up and…


Is it just my spotty memory or is the coast line a whole hell of a lot closer than it used to be? And the trees…they’re…green! Lushy green. They weren’t like that the other ten trillion times I did these quests!

I…I…I like it…


2 Responses to “Look Up n Smell the Humus”

  1. The increased the maximum view distance, I believe. I like it too!

  2. Really? I thought the swim was quicker too. They also put more vegetation around the isles. It was a nice surprise.

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